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More Site Modifications

January 19, 2009 | Other

We just finished some more modifications on the site.

First we added the number of reactions in the SongBase. This especially for the smart people complaining a song of the day is repeated too often. The system always picks a song with at least one opinion. So go ahead and pick those songs without reactions, to make the choice bigger.

The second change is that from now on you can give your opinion on wallpapers and photos too. For the first section we already have some external contributors, but for the second we invite you to send your favourite picture to us. The picture should have a width of at least 400 pixels. It would be great if you deliver some background information with it (date as precise as possible, location, suit (if live)). Of course we also want to know why it is your favourite picture. Do not hesitate longer, but send us your picture!

If you have other ideas how we can improve this site, let us know.

PRESYER wrote on January 20, 2009
Thanks a lot for the continuous improvement on this great EAP site !
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on January 20, 2009
Thank you for all the hard work! This site just keeps getting better and better!
Natha wrote on January 21, 2009
You see, 2009 will be a fantastic Elvis(News) year. Appreciatingly yours