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Ed Bonja Contributes To ElvisMatters

January 24, 2009 | Other

Elvis Presley’s official photographer Ed Bonja has agreed to contribute to the next editions of ElvisMatters. As most fans know, Ed shot some of the very best pictures of Elvis. But apart from the many already published pictures (in magazines, books, album covers, websites), Ed still has numerous unseen pictures in his vault. Ed will contribute to the future magazines by selecting one completely unseen picture for each new magazine. Not only that, Ed will also comment on the picture: where was it taken, who is on it and what was his relationship to the Elvis World at that time? This exclusive and exciting new series, together with the free extras such as CDs (and shortly DVDs), makes it worthwhile to be a member of ElvisMatters Magazine 


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GirlHappy wrote on January 25, 2009
I guess Ed Bonja holds many unseen pics that will finally see the daylight this way! Look forward to seeing them & reading the 'behind' info!
GeertFromNl wrote on January 26, 2009
Thanks for the soundboards,Ed:)