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Elvis Duets Album 2009 - Delayed

January 15, 2009 | Music

On the FECC forum Brian Quinn posted that he was just informed by Sony Music Entertainment that the rumoured Elvis Duets Album which was supposedly scheduled for 2009, has now been delayed until 2010 or 2011. The duets album is scheduled to have mainly the top recording artists in the world. It has not been cancelled but apparently there are other releases aready in the pipeline.

Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
Lex wrote on January 15, 2009
Can't be delayed enough....
de jong wrote on January 15, 2009
Lex your right can`t be delayded enough.
DeLorean wrote on January 15, 2009
2100 would be too soon. Stop this nonsense now.
Natha wrote on January 15, 2009
Hope it will be released soon. Let's say 2185. On the occasion of Elvis' 250th birthday. That will really be something.
Viva wrote on January 15, 2009
I can cancel my order of ear plugs now then, phew.
Bill (BW) wrote on January 15, 2009
I can't be delayed long enough in my opinion. I sincerely hope this thing never sees the light of day!
elvislives72 wrote on January 16, 2009
I gotta say that I'm not disappointed or gonna lose any sleep over this. But I do hope this means that a special edition of the '69 Memphis Sessions will be released as one of their planned projects for this year.
Polk Salad Robert wrote on January 16, 2009
Even though I seem to be the only one...I was and still am looking forward to it. Anything that makes Elvis seem to be still alive is (at least )interesting ! I also liked the Christmas Duets !
Pedro Nuno wrote on January 16, 2009
Honestly, just bring it out! If I like it I’ll buy it. If I don't like it I won't.
ep1tcb wrote on January 16, 2009
I can remenber the time that EPE would not let any artist do anything with Elvis'musical heritage. Then it started with my fellow dutchman Tom holkenborg (J XL) and a little less conversation. Then there was Spancox, then there was this Christmas duets album. And now they're planning another duetsalbum??? Isn't it strange how money can make people reconsider words they've always stood by?? I also remember how many times EPE have said they would never release the '77 CBS tapes, because of Elvis' bad physical condition. I'd say..... Maybe there's still hope for people (incuding me) who would like to see that release. 2010??.... 2011 then??....
Steve V wrote on January 16, 2009
This might have been an interesting project, if they picked the right songs & the right artists. If they tried to put a rap artist on it, then forget it. But a classy mix of singers(who love Elvis) would have been cool and much better than Xmas Duets which was all female country singers. If this was done like Jerry Lee Lewis' Last Man Standing CD, I think this would be a potential #1 album. At least its not a retread of the same songs over & over & over,,,,FTd, etc.
PRESYER wrote on January 16, 2009
My favorite singer of all time is Elvis Presley. So duets for me is unacceptable and to be rejected ! I do not need any other singers like Chiquita Tétreault or Rita Robitaille or that one or this one to be recorded in duet with the greatest of all time. That's it ! No duets for me !
Emiel Maier wrote on January 16, 2009
I liked the Christmas Duets ánd the Spankox CD's a lot: so bring this Elvis Duets CD on! I make the judgement afterwards and not before!
Lex wrote on January 16, 2009
Steve, the big difference between Last Man Standing and a project like this is that Jerry Lee was available. He contributed himself which resulted indeed in a marvelous album. Duets with Elvis will ever be artificial. I for one am an Elvis fan because the man wasn't artificial, but a natural talent. He didn't need computers and other electronic gadgets to sound above par... that's what made him special. Most of the times when they altered his music afterwards the tracks became worse (because of overdone overdubs).
dgirl wrote on January 16, 2009
Lex - good point and I knew someone would respond as such. But to be truthful, I cant take the re-releases anymore. I probably will not buy anymore Elvis CDs if I dont get anything really special and/or unreleased. (and I dont mean countless outtakes or rehearsals) So if this was done in way where it showed respect and sounded as if Elvis was involved, Id be willing to give it a listen. Remember the Sinatra duets CD was done without the artists being in the same studio. And Natalie Cole & her father came out pretty good also. Granted I didnt care much for the Guitar Man or I Was The One LPs but I am wishful that todays technology can improve upon those releases. Of course I would have to like the songs & the artists involved.
Steve V wrote on January 16, 2009
OK Lex - thats fair, but what else is there really to look forward to anymore? Like others, I m done with rehashes of the same old, same old. If Elvis On Tour came out, Id consider 2009 a good year.
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 16, 2009
Let's hope it delayed forever. And while we're at it let's hope the stupid European copyright laws get changed too, that way Elvis's catalogue can get trashed anymore by cheapo compilations. Maybe then we can all get back to listening to the music - the real reason we're all here. And by that I mean Elvis' music as it was meant / intended to be heard - not with any electronic additions by people with strange names or coat-tail bandwagon jumpers. Ya dig?
Lex wrote on January 16, 2009
Well, I still enjoy a DVD I compiled together with the wife, she decided the songs and I the version... they are nearly all masters and it is by far the most played Elvis disc the last years. And what's wrong with enjoying the originals??? Why the altering?? I for one don't care for so called new fans, if they don't like Elvis for what he was, they don't deserve him. Unfortunately it is understandable that EPE and Sony think otherwise... they'll need them to gain money.
EspenK wrote on January 17, 2009
Oh boy what a tiresome discussion this is. Still I can't help but joining in :D First off, post-mortem duets are nothing new, as dgirl so correctly points out with two good examples. And interestingly enough, both Lex and Steve agree that the master takes of ELvis' original music are the best versions of his original recordings. So, if we are tired of the rehearsal takes and already have the best live recordings (content and soundvise), what more is there to look forward to? Except video (on tour, in concert, additional footage from the movies if they excist) there is *nothing*! Nothing at all! How cool is that...? This duets project *may* turn out to be good. While I agree that the xmas duets were not entirely successful from a technical point of view, keep in mind that they had a very limited and dated source recordings to work on for that production. This time around they got a *much* wider selection of recordings to choose from: His entire catalogue! So, combine a good vocal track from Elvis with the right artists of today and arranged with respect to the originals and this album may actually be a bigger commercial blast than the ALLC-remix, both commercially and artistically!
Natha wrote on January 17, 2009
Well said Lex. I would not object at all if (like in the case of Jerry Lee Lewis) if there is interaction. I think that would HAVE BEEN a fantastic idea. I'm with you about the natural talent of Elvis. That is what touched me back then and still does. That's also what makes me buy (some) of the live shows. The interaction.
circleG wrote on January 17, 2009
I think a Mcartney and Elvis duet would just be awesome.
ta2k wrote on January 17, 2009
As usual with this subject people are missing the point. This doesn't need to be something that we Elvis fans buy. I would never buy a duets album as I have zero interest in anyone else's voice, however if it gets others buying,learning,and converting,then it's a great idea. For example if there was a duet with Oasis,U2,Robbie Williams,Britney Spears etc and THEIR fans bought the album or just downloaded their particular song then there is every probability that they will open themselves to the glory of the King. As I said,no interest to my pocket but potentially a ChartBuster if it contains today's 'stars' and a ChartBuster in my eyes would mean Job Done. TCB
Steve V wrote on January 17, 2009
ta2k- You have zero interest in anyone else's voice? Do you mean on a project like this or in general?
ta2k wrote on January 17, 2009
To be honest Steve V, I don't spend a penny on music that isn't Elvis. Yes there's loads of other random people, groups, or mainly songs actually, that I like,but i'd never buy anything else. I would cheer this release from afar but wouldn't help towards it's recognition myself. TCB
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 17, 2009
Elvis duetting with Oasis and Robbie Williams? Pass the sick bucket, please! Why not go the whole way in ruining The King's credibility altogether and have him do a video with Kylie Minogue! These sort of 'duet' projects won't turn anybody new onto Elvis, they'll just become another embarrasing blip on a sparkling legacy that's doomed to be driven into the ground by plebs.
ta2k wrote on January 18, 2009
FAO of the Poster below, 1) I said 'for example' regards the singers I mentioned. 2) You prove my theory of 'missing the point'. 3) Why won't it gain new fans ? If FOR EXAMPLE an Oasis fan downloaded a duet between them and Elvis then they cannot fail to hear the greatness f The King. In turn they MIGHT buy an Elvis album,in turn Bingo ! TCB
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 18, 2009
Do you really believe Oasis fans give a fig about Elvis? Bongo!
ta2k wrote on January 18, 2009
Well it's actually Elvis that Oasis see as the greatest contrary to the popular belief that it's the Scousers. My brother has shown me more than plenty quotes showing this so maybe their fans would be interested. This is a pointless exercise anyway as you miss the point,which is fine, and because any album would be full of Z-list'stars' anyway. TCB
Master Fatman wrote on January 18, 2009
Sorry... but I look forward to this album! I dare to admit. I think they did a good job on the christmas album, why not again? Please don't be so frightende about this kind of 'new' projekts. I'LL will though admit that some constalations/duets could be kind of strange and odd... The best hopes for Elvis!! :-)
Rev. Gerhard wrote on January 18, 2009
Yes Natha. The occasion of Elvis' 250th birthday would be the right time.
ImmerElvis wrote on January 19, 2009
Let's hope they do stop all this nonsense, right now ! Elvis is not another Sinatra or Pavarotti...no way. Their is only ONE king. For once I agree with Lex but Delorean and de jong see it clearly, like me, as a MAJOR marketing mistake that would not fortify or further improve Elvis' image. EPE help !! No way should such a release see the light. I think it is time Herr Sillerman of CKXE should purchase the whole Elvis catalogue of music from Sony and buy the whole movie catalogue from MGM/Turner/WBros. and bring in true loyal EP fans with international thorough marketing experience to assist E & R and also those (too young and often not EP fans) strategic managers at BMG New York. Do it Bob !!
Brian Quinn wrote on January 19, 2009
The proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Personally I cannot wish for a more suitable release. I predict here and now that it will be Elvis' biggest seller worldwide ever. Sony are looking to emulate the sales of the 30 No.1 Hits.
JerryNodak wrote on January 22, 2009
They can delay it forever as far as I'm concerned. I have absolutely no interest in it.
dukebrando76 wrote on January 25, 2009
i'm a purist of elvis music! the delay does not phase me as i really don't care to hear someone sing with elvis! he did his best singing alone, they only interfere with my elvis experience adding strange voices!
GottaKnowNow wrote on January 30, 2009
Please DO NOT release such Duet Albums anymore...please...this is the beginning of the end. Remember BMG: Elvis is an Icon who does not need other singers >>>>others just copied EP