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Baby Pictures: Lisa Marie And The Twins

January 15, 2009 | People

The American glossy magazine People Magazine is going the publish an exclusive shoot with Lisa Marie and her twin baby girls in their next issue. The magazine is going to be available next Friday in the USA. Finley and Harper are 3 months old at the moment.

Lisa Marie Presley couldn't be happier with her twin girls Finley and Harper - because it took her two years to conceive.

Lisa Marie - daughter of legendary rocker Elvis Presley - gave birth to the girls in October last year.

And she couldn't have asked for more.

"I really wanted these babies," Presley, 40, tells People magazine. "My blood was too thick and would clot, which caused several miscarriages.

"The moment I took blood thinners, I got pregnant.

"I knew my family history - my father had a twin who died at birth, and my other grandmother also had twins.

"But at the ultrasound, the doctor goes, 'There's the heartbeat.' Then she says, 'There's another one.' I started crying, [husband] Michael [Lockwood] started crying."

Presley also opened up about losing her baby weight.

"I was unable to see my toes by the fourth month," she admits. "But I only gained 30 lbs. total. I worked out up until the seventh month."

Cher wrote on January 15, 2009
Very nice. I think Grandpa would be very proud.
Mofoca22 wrote on January 16, 2009
beautiful babies like there brother and sister and mother and grandfather and grandmother
Sirbalkan wrote on January 16, 2009
I hope the girls live happly with thier mother very very long time and healthy.... God bless them... Lisa you rock lady... ;)
Smile:-) wrote on January 16, 2009
Everyone can give their opinion, but Linda... is your comment really necessary? Is this normal beaviour where you come from? Do you have children yourself? I have, and it is always lovely to see a mother with her newborned babies (even if she is fat). I think the photo is beautiful, and the actual shape of Lisa is hard to tell behind her babies. By the way: Elvis was fat!!! (even without giving birth to twins...). All the best to Lisa and her family. Grandad Elvis would have been proud:-)
benny scott wrote on January 16, 2009
Nice picture ! Good looking Lisa, so do the baby's ! Congrat ! Smile : better not waste your time and words concerning that Linda Kovalcik. Just ignore her ! That woman is full of hate and frustration. Linda's fat, Ernst is rubbish, etc. That's not an opinion anymore, that's really attacking! I know some words to describe that kind of people, but I wanna stay polite. Wonder what she's doing on this site. Such people should be banned from it. Always El.
SnOwMan wrote on January 16, 2009
Congratulations to Liza Mary! She's such a talent,i LOVE her! She's the best female singer of all time.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 16, 2009
To the "smile" person. Its definately not cool, to call Elvis Fat !! Elvis Presley, stayed in "great shape" for a majority of his Life and he worked so hard to please his fans !! Lets remember him, that way !! And, of note, most of Elvis' weight, in last 2 years was "Water retension" from the medications, he was taking. Lisa looks great and in time will look, even better. The body takes time to recover from a "double" pregnancy. I wish Lisa, much happiness. I had the pleasure of meeting her, backstage at one of her concerts, and she was very "down to earth" and "sweet".
Steve V wrote on January 16, 2009
The babies are cute & she looks really good. As she ages , she is starting to look more like Priscilla now.
benny scott wrote on January 16, 2009
To GEORGE (GK) : don't be to hard on "Smile". He was reacting to the "Linda Kovalcik"-comment, which has been made invisible now for using bad language. Re-read his comment, he's defending Lisa ! Maybe he should have written "overweight" concerning Elvis, but it surely was not his intention to hurt. I know he's a real Elvis-fan, and from your writing I know you're a real fan too ! No hard feelings ! Always El.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 16, 2009
Thanks, Benny Scott, for your response. I just hate it, when people call Elvis Fat !! And as you pointed out, "Smile" was responding to a comment that has been erased that I never read. Things are cool..
Ruthie wrote on January 16, 2009
Everyone's looks change slightly as they age & I have always seen Lisa's resemblence to Lisa. But take a real good look at this photo & concentrate on the nose & eyes area. It's Dad all the way! I also notice that she looks much more like Elvis when she isn't smiling. Just my observations.
Ruthie wrote on January 16, 2009
Sorry (before anyone attacks) I meant Lisa's resemblence to Priscilla. It's been a long day.
Jerome-the-third wrote on January 16, 2009
Linda Kovalcik, what a pathetic comment you made, really shows the person you are, congratulations Lisa..
EspenK wrote on January 16, 2009
Since I havent read Linda's comment before it got erased I'm kinda worried about posting my opinion now, but here goes: Am I the only one who think Lisa's grin and eyes look a bit scary.... Evil, even? The only thing missing is two horns... :o
benny scott wrote on January 17, 2009
EspenK : I think you are indeed the only one. Gosh, hope one of these days you'll be banned from this site for posting such humiliating comment. Would be better if you'd crawl back in your shell, buster ! Lisa is Elvis' daughter. She has good and maybe bad qualities like any other human being, and so had Elvis. But that doesn't mean you have the right to make such remarks like you're doing ! Lisa deserves respect ! Comparing her with " the devil " is prove of very bad taste ! Shame on you ! I wish Lisa and her family " all the best " for as long as she lives ! And don't call me that " clouded-mind OLD singer " like you did some time ago. This is 2009, and not 1909 we're living in.My mind is still cristal clear and my body is still in very good shape, even if i'm 68 now. I'll be defending Elvis and his relatives as long as i live ! Always El
EspenK wrote on January 17, 2009
Benny, heey, calm down dude! Lord knows there are plenty of quite unflattering mugshots of me over the years, oh yessir. If you'd like I'll post a few for you to make fun of ;) I just think it was a bit odd that they picked this particular shot as the official picture, since... Well... I think that grin looks a bit scary. I'm not saying that *she* is scary or is the (she)devil herself. I think there are a lot of unflattering shots of Elvis too - do you want to ban me for saying that too?
Michael.W. wrote on January 17, 2009
Espen,i agree with you.I think they could have used a better picture with a warmer expression on her face.but nevertheless i wish her and her family all the best!
Erika Freiburger wrote on January 17, 2009
I agree with Espen,she looks strange,indeed. However,the twins are lovely! I wish them a long and happy life. Erika
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on January 18, 2009
Lovely picture, but can't get my head around their names,particlarly Harper,Finley's fine, but that's me, what do I know. It's the thing these days.
Rev. Gerhard wrote on January 18, 2009
How wonderful these three girls are! Grandfather would burst with proudness.
ImmerElvis wrote on January 19, 2009
Nice pix but...cjkj, you are so wrong pal ! Elvis would not have been proud at all ! Granddaddy wouldn't have approved of Lisa's behaviour during her adolescent years, nor would he have supported her decisons to marry with Jackson or Cage...and then again, the girl wouldn't have been mislead or taken for a ride (because she is the daughter of the King) if Elvis would have lived. Goes also to show that the upbringing and education she got from Cilla has failed. When will Lisa now appear on the TV Dancefloor (copying her Mommy and been thrown out) ? Wishing you lots of good luck Paris, oh sorry, Lisa...(is there a similarity...fame & fortunes that look alike..., don't they) ? All I can say is that EP should have had more kids with Cilla (one after the other) and also should have married Linda (also 2 or 3 kids with her) like European kings & queens do. Would have been nice to see the different caracters of such grandchildren.
dgirl wrote on January 19, 2009
I was thinking she looks a little more like her mother than she used to. Could it be Botox? I hope she doesnt follow her mother, but all celebs seem to not age naturally. By the way, I think Elvis would love his grandkids, but being as conservative as he was, would not be happy with how his daughter led her life up to now. Hopefully now, she will truly settle down. (and stop trying to sing!)
Rev. Gerhard wrote on January 20, 2009
ImmerElvis. How ugly you are. Of course Elvis does not deserve such fans like you. Like Millions of other human beings Lisa had not an easy life. But how wonderful that she had never lost her power and that she had the bravery for some challenges. And how wonderful that she has such a big family. And that she loves to be a mommy.