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Newspaper Stand CD From Italy

January 09, 2009 | Music

This CD was released in Italy on the A&R label is a digi-pack with a small booklet housed in a cardboard box. The CD was released before in Italy a few years ago, but is now available through newspaper stands only. It is part of series entitled "Nostalgia" which also features CDs from Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles.

BigRedGG wrote on January 12, 2009
I like the cover a lot!!! Anyone know what the price is in Italy?
ImmerElvis wrote on January 13, 2009
The same has happened in Mallorca last year where they offered a free Loving You CD when you bought the weekend issue of a leading spanish newspaper (reported by many german tourists who are also EP fans) They were surprised as our Italian friends will be. I am totally against it as it abuses of Elvis' image; did EPE agree to that ? Or was it BMG Italy that let it happen...? If so,then I'm afraid that we will shortly also see here a free Speedway or Charro CD with every Frankfurter Algemeine newspaper; not to mention the English gossip newspapers.