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George Klein In Car Accident

January 07, 2009 | People

Earlier today, while headed to the Horse Shoe Casino in Tunica where he is a Casino boss, George
was involved in a car accident. The weather has been pretty rough the past two days in this area. The rain caused George's car to hydroplane when his car hit a puddle of water which sent his car off the road near Tunica. Although he was not  seriously injured, he did spend the day at the hospital.

"Luckily, no broken bones. I spent the whole day at Methodist Central. But I'm really banged up. My back is horribly hurting" said George Klein. "I could have been killed"

George Klein was a long time friend to Elvis and was class president at Humes High. George went on to become a legend in Memphis radio as a DJ for WHBQ. He is well known among the Elvis fans for his countless contributions to the memory of Elvis.

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Linda Kovalcik wrote on January 07, 2009
old shep wrote on January 07, 2009
There seems to be a lot of Georges in there lets hope that they all recover soon.
SnOwMan wrote on January 07, 2009
He has almost lost his head,haha!:) George,you lucky devil. I wish you speedy recovery.
Zoltan84 wrote on January 07, 2009
Poor George,poor George... Oh,oh:)
GeertFromNl wrote on January 07, 2009
"He is well known among the Elvis fans for his countless contributions to the memory of Elvis." Yes,he likes money and doesn't mind the smell.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 07, 2009
Thankfully George (I like the name) is only "slightly banged up" and, is on the mend. He is a good guy, and does a wonderful Job, with the Elvis Legacy on Sirius Radio and elsewhere. I had the pleasure of meeting the man, many times.
elvislives72 wrote on January 07, 2009
He's lucky he wasn't killed. Get well GK.
Erika Freiburger wrote on January 08, 2009
I don't like him. What an ugly guy! However,i wish him a fast recovery.
al shookup wrote on January 09, 2009
No doubt he'll bring out a book about his accident claiming Elvis was driving ...anything for a quick buck.
dukebrando76 wrote on January 12, 2009
i work as co producer on his show on elvis radio; first off to the haters who say he goes for cash; he has been friends with elvis for 61 years and has NEVER uttered a negative word about Elvis; he was present in numerous recording sessions with Elvis (blue christmas, jailhouse rock, promised land, suspicious minds) he was in eight elvis films so all of you who criticize him; come to memphis and meet him and find he is one of the nicest people you would want to meet! he will talk with the fans for hours at the studio, and pose for as many pictures as you want! as elvis once put it "don't criticize what one don't understand; you have never walked in his shoes", until you meet him you don't have any right saying anything about him! he was far more loyal to elvis than others who worked with elvis and called him friend! thank you, thank you very much!!!!
Valeria wrote on January 16, 2009
Hi Duke, great comment, love to hear George show, we don't need to defend George his own history/life with Elvis is there, he doesn't need to prove anything else. And I'd like to make a comparison with an "incident" I happen to see with my own eyes and my hears couldn't believe what I heard. It happened on this last Birthday Week on the Birthday Pops with Terry Mike Jeffrey and The Imperials. While waiting on line after paying 20 dollars for the photos to be autographed by the Imperials (not counting after paying top dollar for the tickests 200 dollars! in this economy!). Anyway, I heard and everybody who was around could hear it too mister Joe Moscheo, saying it loud to his wife "stand back, I don't want these people asking my wife to take pictures...). What a shame, somebody that call himself a "gospel" singer...shame on you mister Moscheo, nobody was asking her anything...and "these people" are the ones that help you pay your bills, but on the other hand I will think twice if there's an event you're taking part. Please learn with George Klein, what was just described about him, and others like James Burton, really talented people that really had a relantioship with Elvis, never denied an autograph a picture a conversation. In time, the other Imperials guys were nice polite as how Elvis would appreciate it! As for you George have a speedy recovery, thanks for all the nice words regarding Brazil and brazilian women, we do appreciate it! Obrigada!