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Norwegian Charts

December 30, 2008 | Music

Today "White Christmas" in #2 on the Norwegian lowprice chart and "That's The Way It Is" #9 on Norway's DVD chart.

Source:Magazines: Flaming Star
EspenK wrote on December 31, 2008
... And duets has never been on the charts because it's not available in the shops here. I have to order it from England! And it's Elvis we are taling about here, not some local hero... Annoying!
bajo wrote on December 31, 2008
I've also checked in my local stores without finding a single copy of the CD. I got mine from CDON. There it was at least one of the best selling of all Elvis CD's at that moment! White Christmas was also high on that list. That said, White Christmas is the most complete compilation of all the ones out there!
ivag wrote on January 01, 2009
The duets CD is really hard to find here in Norway. I picked up a copy at the Oslo City shopping mall. It was their only copy!!! It was not on display. I asked a girl behind the counter why they didn't put it out so people could see it... why they displayed "old" Elvis christmas albums when new realeses were available. Also I told her about its Billboard placing. She looked surprised. Obviously she had no clue what so ever. She never heard about it....even if her shop sold it. Well, well the marketing of Elvis CD's is a chapter of its own...its called disappointment. Anyway, Happy new year to everybody!