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2008 Poll

December 31, 2008 | Other

For our last QuickPoll of 2008 we wanted to know if you thought 2008 was a good Elvis-year. Eighty-eight percent of the 166 voters thought it was a good Elvis-year while 12% had a different opinion.

With this last update of the year we'd like to wish those who didn't arrive there yet a very good start of 2009, our anniversary year. To those who already arrived in 2009: we hope you had a smooth transition.

To start our anniversary year well, we added a special mid week wallpaper!

Mofoca22 wrote on December 31, 2008
ilike that picture can we downlaod it on here?
loftmanuk wrote on December 31, 2008
What a year that would be. If only it was true. Talk about life changing, but as we know it's not possible. Could you imangine it though. I mean Fortune cookies that really predict the future. Happy new year to each and every one of you.