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Caught In A Trap

December 16, 2008 | Video

A few years ago, the story about the British Julie Wall came in the news. The parking guard stole over £560,000 at her work to accomodate her hunger for buying Elvis souvenirs. This story is used to make the TV-drama 'Caught in a Trap' that will air on boxing day on the British ITV1 TV-channel. The movie soundtrack contains over 20 Elvis songs and connections to The King can be found from beginning to the end in the movie. In January, the movie will be released on DVD.

ta2k wrote on December 16, 2008
If the songs are actually by Elvis and not some random jabroni then this will be a nice little plug. I shall be watching. TCB
italianfan wrote on December 16, 2008
Ill be watching this too
Ruthie wrote on December 16, 2008
He might as well be paired with thieves, he's been connected to just about everything else in the world that is illegal, immoral or fattening!
Monster wrote on December 17, 2008
I'll be watching...probably the first five minutes of this but only to confirm what I can already guess by pure virtue of the fact that this is on ITV1 - a channel nobody with an IQ over 50 watches any more. This will mock Elvis and Elvis fans in its bid to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. And unfortunately guys, we Elvis fans are the Trekkies of the music world. The popular image of an Elvis fan is of an obsessed overweight middle aged man who thinks he can sing a bit like the King and that Elvis could do no wrong so this movie will play on that to entertain the ignorant. Just because I actually hapen to BE an obsessed overweight middle aged man who thinks he can sing a bit like the King doesn't invalidate my argument. The King Lives! :D
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 17, 2008
Word on the grapevine is that the great Paul Ansell recorded the songs to be used in this progamme. The trailers used on ITV so far feature the 'proper' version of 'Burning Love', but only the instrumental parts and not Elvis's voice.
epexpress wrote on December 17, 2008
Any word about this being released in the U.S.?
circleG wrote on December 18, 2008
monster - word!
Col />Edwards wrote on December 19, 2008
Anyone who robs Elvis materials should be hanged ! Wonder though about the rights in the UK and European countries to use, print and publicize certain Elvis items. Is Sid right anyone know ? Baker street brings a lot of good quality material onto the market but needed to sue EPE Graceland first before reaching a mutual agreement I hear. Is that right ? We should ALL be watching this going on because we want all we can buy about Elvis our King, don't we. Did she have the missing KCreole or Sppedway or KCousins' studio outtakes on tape (that FTD was/is still looking for) ? Or are those found in Denmark somewhere? Can anyone send in newscomments ?
Aaron Spicer wrote on December 27, 2008
It was brilliant. Elvis's music was used effectively throughout and the thrill of hearing the likes of 'I'll Never Walk Alone' and 'It's Impossible' on prime-time TV was magical. It brought me close to tears and did wonders for Elvis's profile. Those who doubted must now revise their opinion: it was sympathetic and conveyed the impact of Elvis on people's lives.