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Cover Art Tickle Me UK Edition

December 09, 2008 | Video

The movie "Tickle Me" featuring Elvis Presley, Julie Adams and Jocelyn Lane will be released as a region 2 DVD on January 26, 2009 in the UK by Optimum Home Entertainment. The movie, directed by Norman Taurog, has a running time of 87 minutes.

The DVD is already available for pre-order. 


Elvis just happens to land a summer job working at a dude ranch completely staffed by pretty cowgirls, but falls in love with the club's lovely owner. Featured hits include 'Slowly But Surely', 'Put the Blame on Me' and 'Night Riders'.

Source:HMV U.K.

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FJE wrote on December 10, 2008
Not one of his best movies. Awful picture.
OtisBlue22 wrote on December 10, 2008
Great soundtrack, his 'finest' leading lady. This is almost a caricature of an Elvis Presley movie i.e. it's so stupid it's funny. But I already got last year's Region 1 boxset.
Ronald wrote on December 10, 2008
What a terrible design, awfull color. I bet this is the 4:3 version?? No subs i guess, 1.0 mono?widescreen? For those who really want this movie try to get the Warner version from last year. That one is region free, compatible in European players.
Steve V wrote on December 10, 2008
This movie was an embarassment to Elvis in what once was a promising movie career. The production values are cheaper than a local high school. I'll probably never watch it again in my lifetime. The cover design fits the awfulness of the whole thing.
Tony C wrote on December 10, 2008
I have always felt that "Tickle Me" was one of Elvis' better mid sixties efforts. I can confirm that the US version works in Europe, one of my DVD players always rejects R1 discs but this one plays fine every time l watch it. As a bonus, the price from Amazon was next to nothing.
Brian Quinn wrote on December 10, 2008
One of my favourite Elvis movies. Love the songs and it is really funny. Has not been available in the UK for some time. I look forward to purchasing this one.
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 10, 2008
I think this movie is so funny that when I watch it I do a little wee wee.