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Christmas Duets From India

December 12, 2008 | Music

The Christmas Duets CD has been released in India too. It comes with an additional slipcase.

Source:Zahir Chinoy
Brian Quinn wrote on December 12, 2008
Thanks Zahir. Now that is certainly a unique cover for this release. I hope it sells well in India.
andrew1 wrote on December 13, 2008
How well does Elvis sell in India? We don't hear much from Elvis fans there. Or do we?
old shep wrote on December 13, 2008
Is this a genuine release from Sony or a bootleg as many cds & dvds are when released in Asia?
zahir wrote on December 13, 2008
Absolutely genuine release from SonyBMG, India. We only have genuine official releases in India. Elvis has sold very well, consistently over the years here. The "#1 HITS" Cd was probably the highest selling Elvis Cd here and topped the charts for weeks and weeks. Elvis is a worldwide phenomenon...
Natha wrote on December 13, 2008
Indeed Zahir. I travelled all over Asia and everywhere they know who Elvis was and how great he was! He is respected as a (generous) person and valued as one of the (if not the greatest) music legends of our time.