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King Creole And More

December 01, 2008 | Music

Due for release from the XTRA budget label is the CD "King Creole The Original Soundtrack And More". This disc is due January 5, 2009.

JimmyCool wrote on December 01, 2008
With a '60s pic as a cover... now that's smart! At least the other King Creole Outtakes CD has a decent cover...
Santa Claus wrote on December 02, 2008
The two King Creole CDs are available as CD-Rs for quite a while. Nothing new on them.
Jerome-the-third wrote on December 02, 2008
people, this isn't just an ordinary budget label but the XTRA budget label. That means they have extra resources and this cover can tell.. Where can I pre-order mine? I need another frisbee..
Ciscoking wrote on December 03, 2008
C-R-A-P....cheap and plain...