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Hillcrest Blues Out

November 24, 2008 | Music

The latest Madison release, volume 3 in the "Standing Room Only Tapes" series entitled "Hillcrest Blues", is out. It contains - for the first time - the complete and unedited March 30, 1972 "mock" session in superb stereo according to the press release. This release has a running time of 73.10 minutes.

From the pressrelease:

One of the changes in 1972, after wife Priscilla left their marriage, was a move back into his empty Hillcrest home in Los Angeles, in early March. Was it any surprise that several of the songs done a few weeks later, at RCA's Studio C in nearby Hollywood, were downcast or bluesy? When MGM's cameras moved in for a one-day "mock" session sequence, Elvis and band rocked it up with "Burning Love" and "Johnny B. Goode," but also showed Presley's true mood with selections like "For The Good Times," "Always On My Mind" and "Separate Ways."

Now, for the very first time, hear the complete, unedited March 30, 1972 "mock" session in superb stereo!


01. Burning Love - take 1 (incomplete) / Here We Go Again (one liner) 3:10
02. Burning Love - take 2 3:25
03. Burning Love - take 3 / The Lord's Prayer (one liner) 3:19
04. Sweet Sweet Spirit (one liner) 0:19
05. For The Good Times (rehearsal) 2:52
06. For The Good Times - take 1 (incomplete) 3:35
07. For The Good Times (more rehearsal) 2:18
08. For The Good Times - take 2 3:44
09. For The Good Times - take 3 (false start) 0:19
10. For The Good Times - take 4 6:22
11. Anytime (one line) / dialogue 1:47
12. For The Good Times take 5 3:31
13. For The Good Times - take 6 (incomplete) 3:01
14. For The Good Times - take 7 4:10
15. Dialogue / El Paso (one liner) 1:13
16. Johnny B. Goode - take 1 (false start) 1:02
17. Johnny B. Goode - take 2 (false start) 0:46
18. Oh, How I Love Jesus (one liner) 0:56
19. Johnny B. Goode - take 3 / dialogue 3:42
20. A Big Hunk O' Love (incomplete) / dialogue 4:39
21. Always On My Mind (rehearsal) 3:02
22. Always On My Mind - take 1 (incomplete) 2:34
23. Always On My Mind - take 2 5:09
24. Separate Ways - take 1 4:09
25. Separate Ways - take 2 3:40

Greg Nolan wrote on November 24, 2008
The Madison label is the undisputed King of Imports at this point, it's fair to say, with a resurgent 2001 and Audionics and Straight Arrow nipping at its heels. Bring it on the "Hillcrest Blues"! And forever may Madison reign!
memphis06 wrote on November 24, 2008
Agreed, the #1 label at this moment. Can't wait to get this one too.
Bob Finkel wrote on November 25, 2008
I love the two words 'complete' and 'unedited' session. The sound quality is really superb. This will be one of the best releases in 2008! You must go on Madison. We want more such complete and unedited stuff. You have no idea? What about the '71 Christmas Seesion? This would be a seller too.
Ciscoking wrote on November 25, 2008
EspenK wrote on November 25, 2008
Well, *any* label would release this if they had access to it, it's not like some guys choose to release nothing but poor sounding audience recordings while Madison release the quality material. What I would like to know is how this whole bootleg scene works. How are they able to release them in the first place: Where did Madison get these recordings from? And is it different persons behind each label, or do the same persons control several labels, using one label for the quality releases and other for the trash? Anyone know anything about this? It would be hugely interesting to get some insight as to how this all works.
BBManTwo wrote on November 25, 2008
If this is so excellent and fabulous, then why didn't FTD release it. Or were those original studio tapes stolen or something ? Overlooked or discarted by those FTD decision makers ? Why ? And then they want us not to buy that great material from those other labels who do a better job...poor management or commercial attitude I'd say. The fact remains though: we get material from several sides offered to us which is not good for BMG. Could someone send us a hint regarding what is in store to be released on FTD next year ?
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on November 25, 2008
EspenK, you don't work for BMG/Sony by any chance?
Pedro Nuno wrote on November 25, 2008
Maybe the sound is good and the moment is an historic one. But very honestly I would consider it insulting to me as a fan, to pay an FTD price for a CD that has 9 takes of For the Good Times, 5 one line "songs", tow false starts, and 5 incomplete takes in a total of 25 songs with only 5 complete different ones. I’ll have the Madison release, for sure, only because I never pay for an import release, because if I had to I wouldn’t buy it for sure.
EspenK wrote on November 25, 2008
What a stupid comment Matthias, and no, I don't. I'm just equipped with a normal level of human curiosity. It's not like I'm asking for names here.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on November 25, 2008
Yes, Madison releases are excellent. I agree with Bob Finkel, I would love to hear the complete, unedited 1971 Christmas music sessions. That would be great!
James69 wrote on November 25, 2008
Pedro, you seam to have forgotten the FTD Classic albums, "Loving You" and "50 Million Fans Can't Be Wrong" which had numerous multiple takes of the same song! Nothing wrong with that weather it is on FTD or the superior as of late Madison label. I wouldn't be surprised one day to find that certain folks currently working at BMG are behind these bootlegs.
NorwayElvis wrote on November 25, 2008
I have listened to this cd 1 time this afternoon and enjoyed it a lot......only minor complaint is that some of the dialogue part should be edited out as is not possible to hear whats going on. excample is track 20 .....this has 2-3 minutes of just "noise"......not a highlight of this release. great release......much better than average soundboard show,at least for me
Jerome-the-third wrote on November 25, 2008
those rehearsals and those takes are fantastic, hope one day they will bring out all those takes of she thinks I still care and songs like that, to me it never gets boring..
Jerome-the-third wrote on November 25, 2008
also isn't this great after 36 years?..
EspenK wrote on November 26, 2008
James69, thats my exact thought too, that there are current BMG employees that is behind this, how else could you get such material? But noone knows anything about what kind of persons who are behind? I find the silence regarding this to be quite confusing...! I could either mean that noone has a clue, or that everyone is silent about it.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 26, 2008
F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C-! I don't know how they managed to get this rehearsal but it doesn't really matter. Finally here's the complete,unedited rehearsal in great sound quality anf that's all that matters. Bravo,Madison!
Sirbalkan wrote on November 26, 2008
Guys.. Whats the point of getting just 5 songs full of wrong starts and etci*. I am asking really honestly not to offend anyone... But please I am so shocked by the comments. Should I get this one?
Zoltan84 wrote on November 26, 2008
BBManTwo wrote: --- Too bad they didn't include other songs of that session like Matter of time or even Don't think2x from the May 71 session.--- The running time of this CD is more than 73 minutes so there isn't very much space to include anything else. We'll get those outtakes from FTD soon. I have this CD and all i want to say: it's PERFECT! Thank you,Madison.
Chris1966 wrote on November 26, 2008
I must congratulate Madison. Not only for another great CD but also for getting almost 100% positive comments! Surely a first. No moaning and complaining. Great!!
circleG wrote on November 29, 2008
Sirbalkan this is not a greatest hits compilation (we have enough of those!) but a session so yes there will be false starts. I like these Cd's because they add so much depth to the songs and indeed to Elvis as a talent. They put the mood and even the situations in context. Even better when they're not edited! So put it in your Cd player, close your eyes and imagine you're there with them!
japio wrote on November 30, 2008
So they beat the expensive FTD Records again. What a sound.what a cd.
Greg Nolan wrote on December 01, 2008
Just got my copy --- What a beaut..! Round of applause for another "must-have" from Madison!!