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Cover Art Charro 2009 Re-issue

November 27, 2008 | Video

This is the cover art for the 2009 re-issue of the Elvis Presley western "Charro!". Due for release from Video International on January 19, 2009 in the United Kingdom.

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 28, 2008
Now thats a great cover photo and design !!!
JerryNodak wrote on November 28, 2008
Pretty box. Great title song. Still a lousy movie.
dismas wrote on November 28, 2008
I agree with JN that packaging can't improve the actual contents. However, there have been re-edited, remastered, recut, and re-recorded soundtracks to box office bombs (like "Force of Evil" and "Major Dundee," for example) in recent years that have improved immensely upon the originally released versions of the films. I wonder if there could be improvements for some of the better Elvis flix in the offing? Personally, I'd rather see a concerted effort to upgrade and generally improve his movie career legacy than to continually mess about with his recorded output, much of which is already -- and justifiably -- considered classic.
circleG wrote on November 28, 2008
well said. I'd much prefer to show an Elvis movie to the kids then some of the rubbish they're watching now.
dunking wrote on November 28, 2008
let's hope the quality has improved and the shower scene is included !
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on November 28, 2008
not a lousy movie, no way. one elvis'best acting performances. some people (how sad) cannot see that. indeed a beautiful cover-art, will get that one for sure
Steve V wrote on November 28, 2008
Umm, Clambake or Charro, Easy Come Easy Go or Charro? No brainer for me. Although not a classic I would pick this movie to watch over most Elvis movies made after 1962 except Viva Las Vegas and maybe Change Of Habit.
JerryNodak wrote on November 29, 2008
I'd rather watch Blue Hawaii or Kid Galahad or Fun In Acapulco or Girl Happy or Spinout or... If I want to watch a Clint Eastwood type western I'll watch the real thing.
Jerome-the-third wrote on November 29, 2008
new cover, new purchase for some people..
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 29, 2008
One of Elvis' most wooden acting performances. No amount of editing or whatever could make this a good film. Ina Balin, on the other hand, is very nice to look at as she gets out of the bath. No doubt this will be missing from this version (again!) - along with the branding scene (again!).
Steve V wrote on November 29, 2008
It is true its a bit of a wooden performance, but maybe just maybe, Elvis was not a very good actor? He certainly did not have the movie vehicles or directors to learn & develop his craft. That said, I'd still rather watch this than any of the embarrasing movie musicals of the mid-60's where Elvis' painfully bad double takes & dumb facial expressions are just too painful to sit through (not to mention the mostly awful soundtracks)! At least this is a movie you know he was excited to make as opposed to the travleogues.
Steve Morse wrote on November 30, 2008
Steve V : "maybe, Elvis was not a very good actor ?" Have you seen King Creole, Flaming Star, Wild In The Country and Follow That Dream? With a poor script (dialogue) like Charro, and a hardly-credible story line, nobody in this world could turn in a believable acting performance.
Steve V wrote on November 30, 2008
Steve Morse - Have you seen Tickle Me, Double Trouble, Clambake , etc, etc? All terrible acting. The movies you mention showed Elvis had a lot of promise to be a good actor but was not allowed to develop after 1962. Thats why I mention Id rather watch Charro than most movies after 1962 in which I belive he stopped maturing as an actor. At least he tried in Charro and didnt walk through it. Whether it was a good performance or not, well most people can judge that.
circleG wrote on December 01, 2008
Hmmm I'd say Elvis' acting was much more convincing in 'Charro' than Clint's singing was in 'Paint your wagon' which goes to show no one made perfect films. This Elvis film-bashing is becoming cliche. I love watching Elvis in the movies though I don't always like the movies Elvis was in. What was wrong with the hippie films? Bring back that era and do away with this modern gangsta shoot-your-school-pals rubbish I say.