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Christmas Record Collector

November 22, 2008 | Other

Elvis graces the cover of the Christmas edition of the UK Record Collector magazine. Inside this magazine takes a comprehensive look at Elvis' famous 1968 "Comeback Special" on 12 pages of text and photos.

Brian Quinn wrote on November 22, 2008
Good Cover. Will get this issue when I see it.
italianfan wrote on November 22, 2008
I brought this issue, very nice pictures inside, from the new 68 at 40 book. not much information about the 68 special that most fans dont know already. but still very nice. Theres also a separate interview with one of the blosoms from the gospel medley, talking about her career and mentions her love for Elvis once or twice.
pallep3 wrote on November 22, 2008
Thanks for the review. It's good for those of us that don't buy simply because it has a good cover!
Greg Nolan wrote on December 01, 2008
It's a beauty of a cover and great issue all around! I was happy to find this on a US newstand as it's not that common here. Hats off to the Brits (and Europe) for regularly properly remembering Elvis in a way that we never do.