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Elvis Concerts Due Next Week

November 09, 2008 | Book
The latest JAT Production "Elvis Concerts" was originally scheduled for December and later for late October but now the book is due for release next week, November 14th. This release is again a limited edition which will only be available for a short time.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
circleG wrote on November 09, 2008
first time i've seen this exellent photo from '71. why has it never been used before? someone needs to publish some photos from this overlooked year. sorry if i'm off topic... :)
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 09, 2008
The book cover photo, is a great photo of Elvis !! Maybe "RCA" or "FTD" could use it for an album-CD-cover.
Smile:-) wrote on November 09, 2008
Could someone please give some information about the content??! Is it a plain photobook covering various 70's concerts and jumpsuits, or does it contain informative text as well???
Jerome-the-third wrote on November 10, 2008
I've pre-ordered mine but didn't sell my car yet..