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Concerts Book Released

November 15, 2008 | Book

Joe Tunzi's latest publication "Elvis Concerts" has been released. These images are two sample pages from this new book, which is done pretty much in the same vein as the "Portraits" book. 

Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum

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circleG wrote on November 15, 2008
man don't you wish digital cameras and and little cameras in mobile phones had been invented in 1969?
OtisBlue22 wrote on November 15, 2008
I'm glad mobile phones didn't exist back then, or do you love it when people in the crowd block your view by holding up their arm to get a shot of the performer that always turns out bad? Also, mobile phones are bound to ring during a performance, and that wouldn't exactly improve an audience recording. I'm pretty happy with the work of professional photographers.
commoneverybody wrote on November 15, 2008
Looks like another winner to me!! The front/back covers already makes me hungry for more!
Ciscoking wrote on November 15, 2008
Now ,..at least we know the contents..after being released and bought..lol..