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Teenager's Hero

November 03, 2008 | Book

A new book entitled "Teenager's Hero" by Steve Rino is due for release tis December from Teenagers Hero Publishing.

From the press-release:

This is the definitive book-documentary of Elvis’ live performances in early 1956. With more than 400 pages, sized 30x21 and featuring 445 photos mostly unpublished and never put in the right context. The book has high quality design (soft cover 300 g, cloth binding, and 150 glossy pages), 1000 copies printed, each copy numbered.

In the beginning the book was thought to be one volume only about the 1956, but due to the great quantity of material that we were able to find during in this period and also the different aspects of Elvis activity during the same year, we decided to give life to two different volumes.

The first volume, has as its focus Elvis’ live activity in the first six months of 1956. The author Steve Rino spent two years of research to give life to a day by day photo journal where together with a scientific approach of the day, has been put together a professional layout with relative photos taken from newspapers, magazines and his personal collection. In trying to bring to the reader a feeling of the time through images, newspaper & magazines clips we give life, we hope, to something unique and new in the landscape of books about Elvis. We are proud of the in-depth research of every detail of every one of the 180 days listed, trying to putting in the right order all information, news, photo and tales coming from this difficult research.

Inside the special web-site you can have access through the links to a lot a more details about the book's contents, quality and price. The book will be available, we hope, in December. A pre-order can be made using the web shop section of the website or by the usual dealer.


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Sirbalkan wrote on November 03, 2008
It looks like a winner. What do you think guys?
mslove61 wrote on November 04, 2008
well i do have book a tribute to the king elivs the editor is hrry schreiner art director bob D amico the boys hated him and the girls love him well it tells about everthing form a boy to the in there is pic of him looks lik 2or 3
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 04, 2008
This looks promising. Bring it on!
Steve V wrote on November 04, 2008
I would buy this - looks like a quality item. There , you see, I am not negative on a new product.