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November 04, 2008 | Other

Our last quickpoll had a pretty clear outcome: 70% of the voters thinks it is a great idea to release the complete works on 30 CDs. Our new poll handles the Camden releases: should they all be available on CD?

mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 05, 2008
Have his regular albums in print and stop the silly useless countless compilations and i would even look the other way with these releases but to have these on store shelves and leave those original albums to a collecotrs label that many people have no idea excists is insane!
Cruiser621 wrote on November 06, 2008
I agree totally with Mature Elvis Fan 75. These Camden releases were nothing but money grabbing quick buck fixes for the Colonel; absolute garbage for most of them.
Natha wrote on November 06, 2008
In those days we (at least I) was looking forward to all releases. I enjoyed the Camden. Now-a-days, however, I have a feeling that they are only for collectors. Most of the originals plus the countless outtakes have been released on different CDs. Better put effort in getting the real gems out in the open for the general public to enjoy. So if they like compilations: Counteract the endless stream of releases with the same of the early years by focussing on those numbers that are known as the hits and mix them with those many underrated songs.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
Ok but how about having his regular albums (cd's) instead of compilation after compilation,i notised even at walmart the beatles had about 6 regular studio albums(cd's)and i found one compilation,but it actually made sence,its amazing no matter who handles Elvis music they do the same thing!