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Elvis' Last Cadillac Seville Up For Auction

November 07, 2008 | Other
On eBay Australia you can bid on Elvis Presley's 1976 Cadillac Seville.

From the auction:

This is probably the last Cadillac that Elvis purchased! It is believed that Elvis bought more than 200 Cadillacs for himself, friends, family and strangers. This is your chance to own the last one that he purchased for himself in December 1976!

As I understand it, this was a 1977 model Cadillac Seville which was sold to Elvis in December 1976 - date of manufacture is October 1976.

Upon Elvis' untimely death in August 1977, this car was gifted (by Vernon Presley) to Ginger Alden - Elvis' fiance at the time.

There are some great shots taken by fans of Elvis driving this car through the front gates of Graceland only two days before he passed away.

This car is a fantastic piece of Rock and Roll and Elvis history! You will not be disappointed with this car when you sit inside it and feel the "spirit" of the King!

The car is in good condition, but has some cosmetic wear and tear (as it was obviously driven as a day to day car by Ginger and others who owned it), and it runs well. It would need some restoration work done to it if it were to be used as a vehicle, but as a show piece, it is in great condition to display!
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
sitdown68 wrote on November 07, 2008
I wouldn't car too much about the fact if the car rocks...as long as it rolls...;-)))
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 08, 2008
Yeah it was driven by Ginger on a day to day basis before she was smart enough to realize it would be worth money. Just another piece of junk passing into history./
Josh&Jody wrote on November 08, 2008
Who is putting up this Caddy to action?? EPE or Gingerbread? Now Cadillac Co should really do something big for all Elvis fans who want to buy one (like a discount of 35% with Elvis features all the way). Elvis was the very ONLY person in the world who has himself bought more than 200 Caddies. Why doesn't EPE or Sillerman or BMG put up a promotion?
EspenK wrote on November 10, 2008
Yeah a new "Elvis themed" Cadillac, now that would sure be classy... Not. Harley Davidson made an Elvis themed Harley last year (or was it the year before) - it was just another expensive Elvis souvernir. Personally I'd love to own one of Elvis' cars if I had that kind of money to spend.