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Mansfields Guests At Birthday Event

October 27, 2008 | Book

Rex Mansfield, who was inducted, trained and served with Elvis in the Army, and Elisabeth Mansfield, Elvis' secretary while he was stationed in Germany, will be special guests at the January 2009 Fan Club Presidents’ Event and Elvis Insiders Reception and Tour. Rex Mansfield was inducted into the Army on the same day as Elvis in March 1958 and went through basic training with him in Texas, travelled with him to Germany and they became close friends for the next 18 months. Elisabeth Stefaniak was a young German girl in 1958, and was hired to answer Elvis' fan mail. Elisabeth became romantically involved with Elvis, but was torn between her love for Elvis and her love for Rex. But she eventually chose Rex and they married in 1960.

During the Elvis Insiders Reception and Tour in Memphis on January 9, Rex and Elisabeth will be meeting fans, signing autographs and selling their book Sergeant Presley: Our Untold Story of Elvis' Missing Years. During the Fan Club Presidents’ Event on January 10, fans can hear Rex and Elisabeth sharing their stories about Elvis during his time in the Army. Following the fan club event, they will be signing autographs and selling copies of their book.

Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on October 28, 2008
These were not the missing years, they were the reformation years. from the military came a totally different Elvis Presley that left in 1958. The 60's was Elvis the good guy then as time changed the 68 Come back special that brought a rebirth of life into the 70's . Each era was totally different than the other thats why Elvis was able to survive he had an amazing ability to adapt.