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Elvis Vs. Spankox Indonesian Version

October 28, 2008 | Music

According to the eBay auction we found the Spankox remix album has been released in Indonesia by PT Indo Semar Sakti under an exclusive license through Avex Asia Limited. (catalog number: BUCD7310908/8993122227313).


01. Baby Let's Play House - Highpass Radio Edit
02. Don't Be Cruel - Highpass Radio Edit
03. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Highpass Album Cut
04. Jailhouse Rock - Highpass Radio Edit
05. All Shook Up - Highpass Album Cut
06. Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Highpass Album Cut
07. Heartbreak Hotel - Ago Radio Edit
08. Too Much Highpass Album Cut
09. Just Because - Eyes Cream 3AM Short Mix
10. You're A Heartbreaker - Highpass Radio Edit
11. That's All Right - X-Treme Edit

Bonus track:
12. Baby Let's Play House - Highpass Extended Mix

Bonus Enhanced video clip (PC / MAC)
13. Baby Let's Play House (Spakox re:version)

Jerome returns wrote on October 28, 2008
I wonder if this album differs from the kazackstanish version of: Baby let's play house- Ipassthis radio edit Just Because- I Scream 3AMSh*t Mix?..
acmeruya wrote on October 29, 2008
This has been on sale in Indonesia for almost a month now. Price Rp60,000 = roughly US$6.50. Average price of new CD's Rp75,000. I don't care much for the remixes so haven't bought it but the front cover says there's a booklet of photos included.
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 29, 2008
Are they still trying to flog this garbage? So glad it totally fell off the radar when it came out in the UK. Still, ol' Spankbox managed to make money out of Sony BMG by selling back to them their own recordings with electronic noise smothered over the top. Way to go!
EspenK wrote on October 29, 2008
Oh lord. Can't you old, grumpy jerks give it a rest and just STFU, you got your point across, we've heard your whining over and over and over and over and over again. You don't like the music of today, just like the grumpy old jerks didn't like Elvis' music back in the fifties. Yeah yeah, we hear you. Enough already. It's getting tedious and pretty darn annoying now. Return to your photo albums and relive your youth, back when everything was som much better and the sky were always blue. Thank you, thankyouverymuch.
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 30, 2008
Sorry sonny, you'll have to speak up. My ear-trumpet isn't working.