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Golden Decade 1956 - 1957

October 24, 2008 | Music
Released on the Allegria label on October 24, 2008 is the four CD set "The Golden Decade 1956 - 1957". This is volume 21 in a series collecting the best music from all era's. This volume features Elvis Presley on the cover and on the disc Elvis is joined by a host a artists who scored their big hits during the golden 1956 - 1957 era.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on October 24, 2008
another bunch of dopes...56 57 music, with a 58 photo cover. they cant even get that right.
Jerome returns wrote on October 24, 2008
Music was my first love, buying this album would be my last..
theoldscudder wrote on October 24, 2008
Why bother listing these redundant hits packages.
Steve Morse wrote on October 26, 2008
What is the point of constantly moaning about these release? They are here to stay - get over it! I enjoy seeing the artwork, good or bad !!
EspenK wrote on October 26, 2008
Well, Jumpin', even on original Elvis records they "couldnt get the picture right", take the cover of In Concert for example...