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Fashion For A King

October 23, 2008 | Book

The Norwegian fanclub 'Flaming Star' is working on a spectacular project. The club hopes to collect pictures of all the jumpsuits Elvis ever wore on stage in the 200 page book "Fashion For A King". Authors Tommy Edvardsen and Atle Larsen hope to have the book ready for print early 2009.

schemies wrote on October 23, 2008
Well, will this be a copy of Elvis, The Concert Years 1969-1977 by Stein Erik Skar ?
Smile:-) wrote on October 24, 2008
Well..... since the famous Stein Erik Skar book focuses on the concert CAREER of Elvis, I have a vague idea that a book focusing on CLOTHING might be slightly different...;-) Anyway, I look foreward to this book since Flaming Star always delivers quality products. It is said that several of Elvis' outfits are never or rarely photographed. It will be an achievement if they manage to document all of them!