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Complete Comeback Special Longbox

October 22, 2008 | Music
On eBay we found a longbox foldout edition of the "Complete 68 Special" four CD set celebrating the 40th anniversary of the famed television special.
theoldscudder wrote on October 22, 2008
Now the well is drying up they are resorting to change the shape of the box. What will they think of next.
Greg Nolan wrote on October 22, 2008
It's a cheaper version of the box and I just picked it up for $24.99 at COSTCO. I'm glad it's out there, Mr. Complainer!
Steve V wrote on October 22, 2008
They did this with the complete DVD release a few years ago also. Just a marketing tool for die-hards who have to have everything.
genedin wrote on October 22, 2008
i wouldve liked this one injstead of the origina lthat i bought. oh well maybe next time lol
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 22, 2008
As i said before,why is there 50 differt version's of every Elvis release? Didnt buy the 68 box set,have enough 68 special material!
Chop983 wrote on October 23, 2008
This is the format it should have been released in, in the first place to match the other 4CD set's
Hans Otto wrote on October 23, 2008
Brilliant idea!! How about releasing an empty collector box to house the different versions of each release?! And when the market is dried out, release even larger collector boxes to fit the various collector boxes? Wow, the market potensial is unlimited. Why on earth didn't the Colonel himself think of this back in the good old days...?
Josh&Jody wrote on October 23, 2008
There are so many different versions/packages of this (and other) EP releases nowadays, you're right Chop and Genedin. That is exactly what we feared would happen: many fans will from now on just WAIT several months/years before they buy such material until they find the best possible pack at the lowest possible price (for their hard-earned money as Mike reported earlier, especially in times of crisis). Very few of us have money to burn Steve & Scudder! Besides, we feel to sell premium EP product at Wal Marts, Costcos, Kmarts & JC Penney's is a major commercial mistake. It downgrades E's image & market value (equity) that Sillerman's CKX is so proud of (is he? maybe he should step in now + acquire the complete EP catalogue frmBMG/SONY and EPE and have the job done by more experienced and knowledgeable mrktg professionals) as, in contrast with what Scudder & Mature Pals think, there is still a lot o' unreleased material available from studio sessions & live shows, believe us folks !
sitdown68 wrote on October 23, 2008
Josh&Jody: got your point. But this doesn't happen to EP's music only. Coming back from Italy I bought Ray Charles "Essentials" compilation for the road at a gas station for 8,90 Euro. And he hasn't gone for 31 years yet. As I did not have money to burn either, I choose this one. At another gas station I was offered the same 16 songs plus about 30 more included in a 3CD set at 9.90 Euro...
Jerome returns wrote on October 24, 2008
what? A Complete Comeback Special Lunchbox? O sorry Longbox, my mistake..
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 02, 2008
Dont tell me you dont have the lunch box yet!
Greg Nolan wrote on November 03, 2008
I was frankly (pleasantly) surprised this got a mainstream release at all, given the collapse of the CD market in the MP-3 / download / I-Pod era. I agree they play games with versions but this is more about how marketers like to "target" upscale vs. slightly-down market versions. I sprang for the $25 version at COSTO (this one) but might have waited on the more premium one, at least for a sale since I have it more or less already in diferent FTDs, etc. So they get you coming and going. All in all, hardly a world crisis.