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Collector's Box

October 20, 2008 | Music

Due for release from the Chrome Dreams record label on November 24, 2008 is the 3 disc set "Elvis: Collector's Box" containing the now standard set of fifties recordings for budget releases.

Jerome returns wrote on October 20, 2008
do they have it in a tin can lunch box set?..
FJE wrote on October 21, 2008
You've said it right! I was "dieing" for this release and add these never-before-released tracks to my collection!
circleG wrote on October 21, 2008
A nice touch is how they used a 60's photo for a 50's track list. Genius.
Josh&Jody wrote on October 21, 2008
Great release for collectors like us, like also MaturePal, Steve, Ron, Lex and Gene. Mike you'll like this one also if the price is right of course. As there are no more copyrights to be paid for those, we guess that it could be another winner, as long as there are real collector altern. verions on it or rare stuff. With the same idea we'd love to see this Chrome Dreams label or BMG release on FTD the missing 67 (GuitarMan) and 68 (Monkey Buzz, USMale) studio sessions and outtakes plus bonus songs from the HGTArt session (+those great outtakes of Down i/Alley etc) Now that's another "winner" for all. Y'all agree? Please let us know.
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 21, 2008
That must be pretty strong stuff you're on.
Steve V wrote on October 21, 2008
I have no words to say anymore.
theoldscudder wrote on October 21, 2008
Good Lord another one!
Jerome returns wrote on October 21, 2008
Josh&Jody, please tell Santa you're wishes..
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 23, 2008
For the record i wont be buying this or the next 50 releases that will come in the next couple of days,and yes love that 60's pic,is that unreleased untill now? That should make this cd highly sought after(i cant keep a straight face)
Josh&Jody wrote on October 24, 2008
In reply to comments voiced by Mature Elvis fans who are educated, we agree: those cover sleeve photos of our man are great. Only for those pictures we also bought the albums way back ... but NOT for the content of those cheap Camden releases ! Except of course for Memories of Elvis and Haqving fun on stage. Those releases in our opinion downgraeded eLVIS' IMAGE and are/were NOT fit for general audiences. Harvey, Steve, Jerome and Scudder should know better. We will NOT buy those newly released CDs and NOR will be ask Santa...we ASK and hope that Ernst and Roger pick up on our suggestions and recommendations re successful quality marketing of product that ALL Elvis fans are anxiously awaiting for (for years now...example: 67 & 68 sessions that are not yet released up until 2008/09...how much more do we have to wait to buy those ?) Wishful thinking Jerome; Santa won''t reply to our wishes...maybe BMG does ??!!