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Lisa Marie Presley Welcomes Twin Girls

October 11, 2008 | People

Lisa Marie Presley gave birth to twin girls on Friday, reports Star. Unfortunately they didn't get the date right, since it was Tuesday 7th. The 40-year-old daughter and heir of Elvis Presley welcomed her daughters with 47-year-old musician husband Michael Lockwood by her side at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California. One baby weighed 5 pounds (2.7 kg), 15 ounces and the other came in at 5 pounds and 2 ounces (2.3 kg). A statement released Saturday says Presley gave birth by Caesarean section. Lisa Marie’s two older children, Riley, 21, and Ben, 16, from her first marriage to Danny Keough, were also present for the twins’ arrival.

“Lisa Marie is mom to four now! She’s feeling good, a little tired too,” a family friend reveals. “She is so happy and Michael is ecstatic. He’s wanted to be a dad for so long. This is his dream come true…. The babies are healthy and beautiful. Ben was seen pushing them down the hall in their cart and cooing to them.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Coronel Parker wrote on October 11, 2008
efan4ever wrote on October 11, 2008
Thats awesome. I am happy for both of them
bray1977 wrote on October 11, 2008
Congratulations to Lisa Marie and Micheal. Hope mother and babies are doing well.
Ruthie wrote on October 11, 2008
I can't believe your source is that trash mag The Star! They don't even have the information right. The twin girls were born Tues. the 7th, not on the 10th. That is when the scum rag received the news. I would trust Riley to be more accurate than the Star.
EspenK wrote on October 12, 2008
There is a picture of Lisa following the norwegian coverage of the birth. She looks quite bad, but then again it was twins, after all... :D
Ruthie wrote on October 12, 2008
How are you supposed to look after delivering babies? Heaven forbid you forget your lipstick & mascara?
Tina wrote on October 12, 2008
Congratulations Lisa and Michael. Elvis would be so proud of his grandchildren. Hope you and the babies are doing well xx
Lex wrote on October 12, 2008
Espen, that pic is from early December last year! The twins were probably still in Michael's... :-)
Elvisguitarman wrote on October 12, 2008
Let's start a pool to see how long this one lasts!
Rev. Gerhard wrote on October 12, 2008
Dear Lisa ! How wonderful ! Congratulations !! For the next 20 years you will have a great family job ! Whomever you will marry next. Your father would be so proud of you. Family should have been his little paradise. I'm sure he's looking upon you out of the big. XXX
Jim Hoff wrote on October 12, 2008
Great! Twins runs in the family, I guess :-)
jessy wrote on October 12, 2008
Hi Lisa- Marie and Michael, Congratulations, with your babygirls. Elvis would have been so PROUD!!! But he is looking from heaven, I know for sure.
Aarons wrote on October 12, 2008
Congratulations Lisa
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 12, 2008
I always felt disappointed that Lisa Marie never had any kids when she was married to Michael Jackson. Can you imagine how they would have turned out? (Yikes!)
Crawfish wrote on October 12, 2008
Many congratulations to the whole family. Great news - pleased they are so healthy - new additions to a great family!
Ruthie wrote on October 13, 2008
It is nice to know that at least half of the people who regularly email this site are sincere with their good wishes & can leave the attitude behind.
Natha wrote on October 13, 2008
Just read this news. Congratulations to the four of them. May much happiness come to you all.
EspenK wrote on October 13, 2008
Lex: lol - ok so she just *looked* like she just had been given birth then. That's even worse. :D Oh and congrats, Lisa. Nevermind my comments dear - I don't look too good myself. ;)
Crawfish wrote on October 13, 2008
Ruthie, thoroughly agree with you ! Thankfully you don't have to be Einstein to spot those vindictive saddos. Again, many congratulations to Lisa and all the family!
gbalaban wrote on October 13, 2008
Congrats, and all the best for you and your family.
vinny wrote on October 14, 2008
congrat's lisa......