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Finnish Edition Christmas Duets

October 09, 2008 | Music
Hanna Pakarinen, the winner of the Finnish edition of Idols in 2004, will sing a duet on Finnish edition of the upcoming "Christmas Duets" CD.

In this international project singers from different countries will duet with late Elvis and Hanna Pakarinen was approved by the Presley family after they saw and heard her. she and Elvis will perform "Winter Wonderland".
tcbmafia wrote on October 09, 2008
I surely hope they'll release a xmas cd with all of the bonus tracks from the different countries... or else people will simply bootleg it...
Herman wrote on October 09, 2008
I agree tcbmafia !
elviskid80 wrote on October 09, 2008
funny i already got the regular release from vuse lol didnt have to pay a penny however i will buy the cd as well
Master Fatman wrote on October 10, 2008
Is it possible to hear a snipet of Hanna Ps' version of winter wonderland somewhere...:-)
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 10, 2008
I could've sworn I posted a very witty post here earlier today. Seems like it's been removed for no reason. I wonder why?
sitdown68 wrote on October 12, 2008
what a great idea, tcbmafia! got my vote.