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EP's Delta Kitchen Closes Doors

October 09, 2008 | Other
In one part of downtown, Sunday, leaders were celebrating the rebirth of two iconic buildings that burned down October 6, 2006. But on Beale street, chairs were still on tables and the doors locked for good at EP's Delta Kitchen.

"Actually, one Friday morning, I was told Sunday will be the last day of our business and we need to get out of here," said Satoshi Matsui.

Matsui runs the "Love Me Tender Gift Shop." It's in the same building as EP's. The sign on his door lets customers know Sunday is his last day. The news had him all shook up.

"All I have to do now, this inventory I have to do something," Matsui.

EP's is the latest establishment added to the list of downtown business closings. Foreclosure put an end to Pat O'Brien's. Swig Martini bar served its last Cosmo in April. The Daily Grill at the Westin concept didn't go over well with Memphians and struggling businesses are turning Peabody Place into a luxury suite hotel.

"Its never good when businesses close because it sends a bad message," said Majestic Grille Owner, Patrick Reilly.

You can tell by the crowd outside of the Majestic Grille the economic crunch hasn't hit this business. Reilly says the closings aren't necessarily a reflection of downtown.

"It's really hard to know what's impacting businesses, if it's the economy or high gas. It's a little tough out there right now and some businesses are not going to make it," said Reilly.

As Matsui gets ready to leave his building, he still has hope because he still has Elvis. "As long as I'm in Memphis, I'm going to Graceland every single morning. I'm a big Elvis fan. Elvis is the only reason I moved from Tokyo to Memphis."

Elvis Presley Enterprises was not associated with the restaurant other than subleasing the space.
Source:Elvis World Japan
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 09, 2008
Who writes things like had him ''All Shook Up' is that the way of letting us know its a Elvis story? Do they think there being clever?
Ruthie wrote on October 10, 2008
Yes, the article was written in a really crass manner considering the topic & considering the horrible state of the economy. There are many, many in Matusi's spot & it isn't funny.
vegaselvisfan wrote on October 10, 2008
i am sure the All Shook Up comment came from a non elvis fan news reporter. get a grip! they always write like that. :) i am sure they are not unsympathetic. reporters just like to be 'cute' with comments like that. from the commercial appeal in memphis: EP Delta Kitchen & Bar closed over the weekend, the second restaurant with an Elvis connection to go belly up in the former Lansky's clothing store at Beale and Second. The closing came two years after Jimmy Ishii and his chain of Sekisui sushi restaurants opened a New Orleans-style Cajun/Creole restaurant at 126 Beale. Elvis Presley Enterprises, operators of Graceland, ran Elvis Presley's Memphis at the corner from 1997 to 2003 and hold a master lease on the property. Sekisui officials declined comment on the closing. Elvis Presley Enterprises officials said they were landlords and were not involved in the EP Delta Kitchen operation. They said in a statement: "The Lansky building on Beale is a unique property and in one of the best locations in Downtown Memphis. We don't expect it to be empty for very long."
Ruthie wrote on October 11, 2008
All I can say is that it's easy to "get a grip" when you know it's just some reporter doing a job he/she knows nothing about . It's not so easy to "get that grip" when your friends & now myself are going through the same thing.
old shep wrote on October 11, 2008
Not only was the story badly written for a professional reporter it was full of so many toe curling cliches that I wonder if this piece was read through after it was printed. From my experience in business you can count on two things. One is that if you do manage to make a success of whatever venture you take up. There is always some ba----- waiting for you to fall. And likewise there is an equally inconsiderate cretin standing around to scoff when things start to go bad.These are usually people who haven't the b---s to try anything themselves
elvislives72 wrote on October 12, 2008
Beale Street is turning into another Bourbon Street for adults only. Besides EPE plans to build a new grand Elvis themed restaurant across from Graceland in the near future with their new plans for the area. Why they opened the original Elvis Presley's Memphis restaurant in downtown to begin with is beyoind me knowing that a restaurant at Graceland would be a much better investment for business.
Crawfish wrote on October 12, 2008
Yep but I understand that opposite Graceland is going to be "transported back in time" such as landscape and trees just as it was when Elvis and Priscilla lived there, but with the two massive hotels behind this?! But EP's Delta Bar was never as good as EP's Memphis when you could get a bite and a drink and sit and be entertained by The Dempseys! It was a great place. But times change I suppose and I look forward to the trees opposite Graceland in the meantime!