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Auction Results (Updated)

October 07, 2008 | Other

Despite the economic set-back, collectors still had enough money to make last weekend’s Heritage Auction a smashing success. The most important sale was a two piece leather suit that Elvis wore in Vegas – it sold for 120.000 $US, but according to an update on ElvisUnlimited it appears that the suit remained unsold.

Other items of interest: a black sapphire ring (37.500 $US), the piano that Elvis owned and used by Donnie Sumner to compose the song “It’s Midnight” (33.750 $US), JD Sumner’s gold and diamond TCB necklace (57.700 $US) and a watch that Elvis had made for the “Men of the Year” presentation (9500 $US)

Ruthie wrote on October 07, 2008
So sad. Right up there with Walmart & EPE.
Jerome returns wrote on October 08, 2008
wish I could spend my money on this instead of my wife, children and record collection..