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Elvis Matters Promo

September 24, 2008 | Music

Here is the cover for the free promotional CD that ElvisMatters gives away as a bonus to customers of the ElvisMatters Shop. Everybody who buys the new FTD-set (Country, Nevada Nights, In Person), gets this exclusive sampler for free. It was the FTD-release of postponed Elvis In Person that insprired ElvisMatters. As we all know, Elvis called James Burton on the phone, and asked him to put a band together. In fact, Elvis had asked James already in 1968, for the so-called Burbank recordings. All the details, exclusively told by James Burton, are now available on this disc. As a bonus track, Elvis Matters added the very last interview with Sam Phillips (as recorded by Vic Dennis for TV Primo).

You can order the FTDs at ShopElvis.eu


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