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Elvis' Half-Sister?

September 24, 2008 | People

Eliza A. Presley, asserting that her father is Vernon Elvis Presley, father of entertainer Elvis A. Presley, filed a petition today in Shelby County Probate Court to reopen her father's estate. Attorney Kathleen L. Caldwell of Memphis placed the five-page petition in the hands of the clerk of court in downtown Memphis at 10:25 a.m. (CDT). It was filed under docket number D-5830.

The basis of Presley's suit is as a "pretermitted heir." This term designates one who would likely stand to inherit under a will, except that the person who wrote the will did not know or failed to mention the party at the time the will was written. Evidence in safekeeping with the petitioner suggests that many people knew that she was Vernon Elvis Presley's daughter.

Presley, 46, was adopted at birth and just recently discovered that she is the daughter of Vernon Elvis Presley and hence half-sister of her father's famous son, Elvis, who died in 1977. The two have different mothers. Their father Vernon Elvis Presley was executor and trustee of his son Elvis' estate. Vernon Elvis Presley died two years later.

Elvis Presley is known as the King of Rock 'n Roll and is celebrated as one of the greatest entertainers of all time. News of his death at his Graceland home in Memphis, Tenn., on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42 shocked the world. The only child of parents Vernon Elvis and Gladys Love Smith Presley of Tupelo, Miss., he left a daughter, Lisa Marie, by ex-wife Priscilla Beaulieu Presley. His will appointed as executor and trustee his father, Vernon E. Presley.

Vernon Presley had no other known children at the time of his death in 1979. A son, Jessie, the twin brother of Elvis, was stillborn, January 8, 1935.

Source:Yahoo News
JimmyCool wrote on September 24, 2008
Who was/is her mother? Now we know were Evis got his taste for women LOL I don't know why, but this time I think this story might be true... we'll see.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 24, 2008
And my dad was Frank Sinatra.
NONE000000 wrote on September 24, 2008
And this woman is only 46!? Elvis died 31 years ago...so she was only 15 then, so Vernon would have had to have fathered her in 1962. Was he with Dee at the time? I am guessing this is a load of crap, but even if it is true, why should she be entitled to anything now?
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on September 24, 2008
OK a DNA Test could tell the tale. Otherwise she might be my daughter I was in Memphis in 1962
Mofoca22 wrote on September 24, 2008
yay! elvis is my uncle lol
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on September 25, 2008
Vernon had conjugal rights while in prison, who know's who came to visit him other than Gladys !
circleG wrote on September 25, 2008
Please don't be mean to her, Vernon was my secret father and that makes Elvis is my brother too and i'll never see a penny of his money :{
king35 wrote on September 25, 2008
Lol "Jumpin' Jehosaphat".. that's funny. Well I know she's not my daughter, I wasn't born till 1967. Anyway, my question is this, why wait till now after all this time to come forward too make this claim. Like has already been said, Elvis himself has been gone 31 years this last august, Vernon died 2 years later which makes him been gone 29 years. I mean adopted or not, you'd think that her adopted parents would have known about her back ground history and still came forward.
Ruthie wrote on September 27, 2008
This is so funny! If only these people knew how silly they look! So another one comes out of the woodwork. She's claiming Vernon, not Elvis, so she isn't entitled to any of Elvis' estate. Even if she was a half-sister, and not named in the estate, she would not inherit by Staute of Descent & Distribution because children (Lisa) of the deceased (Elvis) come first. And since Elvis' death was broadcast world wide, there is no valid claim "didn't know about the death". Poor little gal is screwed all the way around. And I find it funny that she found her "dad" Vernon but doesn' mention the mother. However, makes for interesting reading for some.
Aaron Spicer wrote on September 28, 2008
I wish people wouldn't be so dismissive when the evidence, at this stage, can't really tell us either way. There is no need to ridicule this woman, regardless of whether there is any substance to her claim. It is entirely possible that Vernon fathered another child, although I agree that the time lapse and the fact that the mother has yet to be mentioned (as far as we know) makes it less plausible than it might otherwise have been.
Ruthie wrote on September 29, 2008
Dear Aaron, no one is ridiculing the woman. I am in the legal field & this happens all the time by people famous & not so famous. But, if you really think about situations like this & use common sense, the information on the mother would be released just as well. If not, it can only be because (1) not sure who mother is which puts claim to Vernon in question or (2) mother is known & does not agree with the plan or is not sure.
Crawfish wrote on September 29, 2008
Yes but ............E.A. Presley?!!!!!!!!!!!!
mrtiffin wrote on October 01, 2008
As the oldest of child of Ms. Presley, I thought I would provide you with an interview that has been placed on the internet that was conducted by a local media person with an individual at the lab that did the DNA testing. The name of the media group was the Commercial Appeal. Please google it and then search in their database Eliza Presley.
Cher wrote on November 18, 2008
Actually the article I read said that this lady's mother refused to acknowledge or confirm that she had slept with Vernon Presley and claims she wasn't anywhere near Memphis at the time. Sounds pretty fishy to me.