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Update Cirque Du Soleil

September 19, 2008 | Other

The Elvis themed Cirque Du Soleil show is scheduled to start in late 2009, when the 'City Centre' will open its doors. The building has been given its official name this week and will be known as 'ARIA Resort and Casino'. The architects are talking about a never before seen experience that has no previous examples on the Strip. The show that Cirque is producing, has nothing to do with the building of the 'E-Resort'. The ARIA resort is build between the Bellagio and Monte Carlo, while the site for the 'E-Resort' is still occupied by the Harley Davidson café and the Hawaiian Village.

EspenK wrote on September 19, 2008
Can't wait to get back to Vegas, loved that city.
Aron wrote on September 21, 2008
I will keep as much as possible until I can travel to Vegas and see the show, maybe in 2010?