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The Patriot: A Man’s Love Of God And Country

September 14, 2008 | Book

The A5 sized softcover book "Elvis Presley – The Patriot: A Man’s Love Of God And Country / The Summit ‘76: A Triumph Of The Human Spirit” is the latest book by Darrin Lee.

The forthcoming A5 format soft cover book features the stunning artwork of Night Rider Design’s Chris Middleton and photographs from Bob Heis, George Hill (courtesy of Derek Phillips & “Images In Concert”), Keith Alverson and Elvis World’s Phil Gelormine. In addition, the project includes one of the most incredible photographs of Elvis ever captured on film.

World class photographer Manuel M. Chavez was assigned by the Houston Post to shoot The Elvis Presley Show’s sold-out matinee at the Summit on 28th August 1976 and Lord have mercy did he evermore do his job when he caught Elvis in ass kickin’ mode!

If you are interested in more information about this soft cover dedicated to Lisa Marie and written in honor of a lovely grandmother from Houston (whose memories will touch the hearts of the Presley family), please visit the author’s website.

Source:Elvis Drug Myths

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SuziB wrote on September 14, 2008
Maybe a strange comment. But is the picture from Birmingam on Darrin's website actually Elvis -I'm not sure that it is.
Lefty wrote on September 15, 2008
Looks like Elvis is giving someone "the bird" in the photo on the back cover! Anyway, I'd like to believe that Elvis was "innocent" of drug addiction, but I cannot suspend my disbelief. The most compelling evidence of his addiction to drugs is Elvis himself. His life had all the classic signs of addiction, right down to the codependant behavior of the Memphis Mafia. Nevertheless, Elvis was still the greatest. Having a problem with addiction cannot diminish that. Elvis was human, just like the rest of us.
old shep wrote on September 15, 2008
I think I'm going to vomit
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 15, 2008
This gets my award for the most horrible, pathetic and puke-inducing title of all time.
Steve V wrote on September 15, 2008
Just plain horrible form all aspects and I always hated that puffy shirt look.
Hans Otto wrote on September 16, 2008
Man, it's quite strange reading Darrin Lee's books on Elvis. Lee has always denied that Elvis had a drug problem. We will always find some people among various fan groups and political groups claiming that their idol or leader is/was larger than life and almost a God. I guess it is part of some sort of psychological need among certain people. Darrin Lee has earlier produced two books, both claiming that Elvis did not have a drug problem neither in 1974 (Las Vegas "Drug Story") nor in 1977 ("In Concert"). Now he has written yet another book claiming that Elvis also was fit as a fiddle in 1976, and has illustrated the newest book with pictures from Elvis Houston concert in August 1976. Funny, a huge group of Norwegian fans was present at this very concert. They were absolutely shocked by how awful Elvis looked and performed. And the leader of the Norwegian fan club, Paal Granlund, stated after the show that he didn't think Elvis would survive the next year. He was right...
Natha wrote on September 17, 2008
To deny his drug/medicine problem is naive to say the least. It is a fact that he was and that he suffered under it more than the suffering he ried to suppress by it. (The question whether or not he was aware of this himself as we are now is another discussion.) This book is a waste of natural resources.
Ruthie wrote on September 17, 2008
While most of you are vomitting, people will buy this book. It's your opinion that this man is in denial & maybe that's true but, again, it's just opinion. And if he is that is his business. Most true Elvis fans know fact from fiction but if the photos are good, the fans will buy the book. Books like this come out because most of us are so sick of the usual finger pointing, bad mouthing stories we've heard over & over. We are capable of sorting out what we want to believe.
Natha wrote on September 19, 2008
Indeed Ruthie I am more than fed up with the ever same sstorie about Elvis' drug problem. This is just to avoid the greatness and the invaluable contribution that made and still makes him the undisputed King. However, these books don't seem to be contributing to the stopping of it.