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New Tin Can Releases

September 18, 2008 | Music
SONY / BMG will re-issue two albums in their "collectable tin" format on October 10, 2008. The titles of these 3 CD box-sets are "Greatest Hits" and "Christmas Peace".
Brian Quinn wrote on September 19, 2008
With the release of the 'Elvis Christmas Duets' Album we need another packaging of 'Christmas Peace' like a hole in the head. I often wonder who is minding the store at Sony. They obviously do not consider chart positions as important that's for sure.
Steve V wrote on September 19, 2008
Whats with all the tin can releases? Are goats the new collectors?
bajo wrote on September 20, 2008
How sad! How can they be so out of touch with the world? .. sorry i forgot what sells!... TCB!
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 21, 2008
I've got all the tin cans I need, thanks. I sell soup for a living.