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Details Then Sings My Soul

September 08, 2008 | Music

This is the press-release from the Rainbow Records import label on their fifth release, the double CD entitled "Then Sings My Soul" which contains the never before released Midnight Show of May 7, 1976 from the 1976 Sahara Tahoe – Engagement.Both discs run close to 80 minutes and the package comes with a twenty pages full-color booklet.

The press-release:

Soon to be released is the latest production from the “Rainbow Records” label. With their 5th release they fulfill a request that some fans wrote down in a well-known messageboard. The upcoming 2 CD set will contain a never before released show from the Sahara Tahoe – Engagement ’76 – it is the Midnight Show of May 7, 1976.

There were several reasons why this show was chosen for a release. First of all – it had to be unreleased. Of course, the show should contain some interesting, unusual material, maybe a short version of a seldom performed song? Another important aspect was to find a tape that has a listenable, decent sound quality for a release. And here we go:

During our research we learned that many people did not expect Elvis to do a show with more than 60 minutes. Well, bad luck for those who tried to tape the show on a 60 minutes tape, because Elvis was on stage more longer than that. This means, those who recorded on 60 minutes tapes have only incomplete shows, ending during the song “My Way”. The smart fans decided to record the show on a 90 minutes tape. Bad luck for them because the recording ends in the middle of “It’s Now Or Never” and Elvis was still not through with his show….

A pity, that to our knowledge and research we didn’t find a single fan who recorded the complete show with the use of a 2nd cassette tape. But the eyewitnesses told us, that Elvis was on stage for only five additional minutes performing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and waving good-bye during the “Closing Vamp”. So what did the “Rainbow Records” label do for you ?

We restored the Midnight Show performance and added the missing part of “It’s Now Or Never” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love” from the Dinner Show from the same date. You will be surprised about the sound because both sources are very similar.

What did we do with the rest of the free space on our 2nd disc? We decided to give you more Elvis, of course! While the rest of the Dinner Show was used to complete the Midnight Show we thought you might want to hear the other performances from that day as well. We had to exclude the band introductions because of limited capacity on the disc, but we managed to keep in all songs sung by Elvis.


Of course, you will find the tracklist at the end of this announcement, but we want to point out some real beauties of this set. The first one is “How Great Thou Art”. Actually, Elvis sang the song twice this day - both versions have this special gospel feeling Elvis was able to create. This inspired us to use an excerpt of the lyrics and name this release “Then Sings My Soul”. Then we have “That’s All Right” which demonstrates like “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” that Elvis was able to play acoustic guitar, of course. He performed a rare version of “The Wonder Of You” (1976!!!) during the Midnight Show and during the Dinner Show he entertained the audience by singing “It’s Midnight”, now known as the last live version ever.

The 3rd release by Rainbow Records was called “Vegas Variety – Vol.2” and featured the Midnight Show December 11, 1976. With this release the formerly wrong titled track “When God Calls Me Home” was presented for the very first time in the correct way which is “Until Then”. With the new “Then Sings My Soul” release it happened again that a formerly wrong titled track “Lara’s Theme” is presented with its correct name which is “Theme from Love Story”. We hope you appreciate our efforts to bring you a booklet full of well researched information and complimentary pictures and memorabilia.

Don’t miss this release. You will get 100% never before released material on 2 CDs. Each disc has a total running time of more than 79 minutes and the booklet will feature great liner notes on 20 pages in full colour!


Disc One:

01) 00:53 Also Sprach Zarathustra
02) 05:29 See See Rider
03) 08:46 I Got A Woman / Amen
04) 01:58 Love Me
05) 03:04 If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
06) 04:58 You Gave Me A Mountain
07) 01:03 All Shook Up
08) 02:26 Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel
09) 02:19 The Wonder Of You
10) 03:07 Happy Birthday To Sandi
11) 01:53 That's All Right
12) 03:21 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
13) 00:32 Introducing Ed Parker
14) 00:59 I'll Remember You (long false start)
15) 02:00 I'll Remember You
16) 00:28 Ku-u-i-po (excerpt)
17) 02:16 Hawaiian Wedding Song
18) 04:38 Polk Salad Annie
19) 03:45 Band Introductions
20) 01:09 Early Morning Rain
21) 00:56 What'd I Say
22) 01:15 Johnny B. Goode
23) 01:22 Drum Solo
24) 01:06 Bass Solo
25) 01:21 Piano Solo
26) 01:20 Electric Clavinet Solo
27) 03:07 Love Letters
28) 01:02 Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll
29) 04:03 My Way
30) 01:25 Jailhouse Rock
31) 02:44 Love Me Tender
32) 02:09 Hurt (#1)
33) 02:16 Hurt (#2)

Running Time: 79:23 min

Disc Two:

01) 02:36 Heartbreak Hotel
02) 02:59 How Great Thou Art
03) 01:58 Hound Dog
04) 00:42 Theme from "Love Story" (excerpt)
05) 01:43 One Night
06) 02:59 It's Now Or Never
07) 01:40 Can't Help Falling In Love
08) 00:31 Closing Vamp
09) 05:49 See See Rider
10) 07:06 I Got A Woman / Amen
11) 02:33 Riding On The Range (excerpt)
12) 03:35 Fever
13) 03:05 If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
14) 04:55 You Gave Me A Mountain
15) 01:38 All Shook Up
16) 02:38 Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel
17) 03:30 It's Midnight
18) 03:04 Love Me Tender
19) 04:51 Polk Salad Annie
20) 02:54 Love Letters
21) 01:01 Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll
22) 00:14 Introducing Jerry Kennedy, Ron Pietrafeso & Ed Parker
23) 02:41 Hurt (#1)
24) 01:56 Hurt (#2)
25) 02:54 Softly As I Leave You
26) 02:13 Heartbreak Hotel
27) 01:27 Jailhouse Rock
28) 03:19 It's Now Or Never
29) 03:03 How Great Thou Art

Running Time: 79:48 min
Ronaldv wrote on September 08, 2008
Great news from a good label! I'll definitely buy this one. I just bought the may 3 DS show: a crazy show at Lake Tahoe, these Lake Tahoe shows are really worthwile.
You Dont Know Me wrote on September 10, 2008
Yes i'm awaiting some confirmation that the sound is good, but i would say (already) that this release WILL be worthwhile buying-previous releases have had superb quality booklets full of rare photos and memorabelia and this 2 CD set looks like great to buy..such a pity this wasn't a great sounding soundboard 2 CD set from FTD!!??
benny scott wrote on September 10, 2008
This release being the fifth by Rainbow Records, and "The final Farewell" the fourth, can somebody pls let me know what were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd release ? I started rather late with import CDs, so I'd like to know. Thanks in advance ! Always El.
Henryk wrote on September 10, 2008
The previous three were: 1. It's Tahoe Time; 2. Vegas Variety, Volume 1; 3. Vegas Variety, Volume 2.
benny scott wrote on September 11, 2008
Hi Henryk, thanks a lot buddy !!! Always El.