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Inside Blue Hawaii

September 01, 2008 | Book

This year’s fall, we can expect a new release in the popular ‘Inside’ box sets series, according to Elvis Unlimited. "Inside Blue Hawaii" will be the fifth movie (after Double Trouble, GI Blues, Love Me Tender and Roustabout) that gets an exclusive and detailed look behind the scenes, combining a book, DVD and vinyl single – all packed in a deluxe collector’s box.

chrisc wrote on September 01, 2008
I look forward to the book and accompanying items, but wish we could lose the boxes as they eat up limited storage space.
Even_B wrote on September 01, 2008
My hope is they'll release the "Inside Viva Las Vegas" book soon.
tcb1 wrote on September 01, 2008
I hope the edit any DVD with this project a bit better than Love Me Tender, editing was very poor, for all they give on the DVD's a bit more effort on the editing wouldn't go a miss.
Hans Otto wrote on September 02, 2008
Good idea to keep the "Inside ...." movie box series coming. But I also wish they would slim the actual boxes. No need wasting precious shelf space on boxes filled with air - literally speaking...
Steve V wrote on September 02, 2008
They should just give the option of buying the book only.
japio wrote on September 03, 2008
This is another great job i guess. I like all these box sets. Ok the playng time of the dvd iwas short on the previously dvd's . But very interesting. This one would be the same quality i'm lookin forward to it
JerryNodak wrote on September 03, 2008
I agree with you, Steve V.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 03, 2008
Can't wait for 'Inside Clambake'.
theoldscudder wrote on September 05, 2008
Too bad this film didn't bomb at the box office. For if it had Elvis & his management would have stopped all the mindless travelogs & maybe would have made some quality pictures geered to a more sophsicated adult taste. This picture killed him as a serious acting talent. Yes I know to many of the people that read this consider his movies wonderful, but they are snickered at in the real world.