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Fit For A King

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, August 31, 2008 | Video

This documentary was released last week and handles B&K Enterprises, the firm that makes jumpsuits with permission of Bill Belew and Gene Doucette, who designed the originals.


With a picture like this one can’t go wrong. Furthermore there is a leaflet with drawings by Gene Doucette, a photo of Bill Belew and Butch and Kim Polston and one with Gene Doucette. The DVD itself has a clear menu which navigates easily.


To be honest I only started watching the DVD since felt obliged because I got a review copy. A documentary on the firm that makes replicas of jumpsuits and thus helping out the one thing that I hate more than the worst possible mother in law: imposters. Not something I would spend my money or time on normally.
Soon I found myself drawn into the documentary since it turned out to be pretty interesting and it is brought in an attractive way. The background information by Bill Belew (his last interview before he passed away early this year) and Gene Doucette is very interesting, even for someone who likes only the early “plain” jumpsuits. There’s quite some footage from Graceland, the visit of Junichiro Koizumi and Bush to Graceland, an interview with Todd Morgan (also his last before his untimely death) and some fan footage of Elvis in different suits, but also fragments of the Comeback Special and Aloha and (of course) George Klein pops up too. Gladly the imposters do not get too much time.
After the documentary was finished I even found myself watching all Special Features (okay, except “Becoming Elvis”), which are merely more extended versions of the interviews used in the documentary itself.


I was pleasantly surprised by a product of which I didn’t expect much. Nice background information brought in an entertaining way. The biggest minor is that they didn’t use Elvis’ music, but probably that was too expensive.

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