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EU Intents To Adopt Extended Copyright Law

September 06, 2008 | Other
The EU has the intention to adopt an extented copyright law. The formal signing will take place shortly. Meaning, the copyright will be protected for 95 years from conception, just as they are in the North America and Japan.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
roger wilson wrote on September 06, 2008
Not true, decision is still months away, they are only planning on it and it is looking like the UK will vote against extension.
Narek wrote on September 06, 2008
I'm for it. Sad to see market raomed by all these compiliations
wmarkj wrote on September 06, 2008
I thought it was 50 years?
benny scott wrote on September 06, 2008
wmarkj: in most countries of the EU it IS 50 years, a protection of 95 years instead of those 50 years is requested. But as roger wilson wrote : it'll take a lot of time before this really happens. Ever seen politicians make a quick decision ( and you may be sure politics will play a serious part in this matter)? Not me ! Always EL.