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Elvis Presley Vinyl Re-issue

September 05, 2008 | Music
Due for re-issue on vinyl from Sony Legacy is Elvis' first self-titled debut album "Elvis Presley". The disc should be out October 14, 2008.
FJE wrote on September 05, 2008
That would make it the 937th version of this (milestone) album released so far! Does anyone out there still hasn't got one yet??!!
James69 wrote on September 05, 2008
EJF, not everyone in the world have Elvis albums! I can guarantee you more people don't have this album, compared to people that have it.
benny scott wrote on September 05, 2008
Absolutely right James 69 ! There is a complete vinyl-revival going on right now, and it's the younger generation as well as the older who welcomes this. Both generatons claim vinyl-recordings have a warmer sound ,( I'm not taking position in this pretending, I think that's a matter of personal taste). But releases like this are a good thing and could win more new Elvis-fans. Always El.
JLpResLey wrote on September 05, 2008
But if people don´t have it yet, they are probably not interested in getting one. This album is available everywhere. There´s really no need for a re-issue.
theoldscudder wrote on September 05, 2008
I agree with JLpResley's comment 100 %. I don't think there's many young people that would buy this. And that's understandable. Young people are into current artist's. It would be like a 1956 teenager buying Bing Crosby. No way we were into Elvis & R&R. Only the dieheads like me & the people that give there comments on this site still care. Elvis to the rest of the people is like Valentino, Crosby, & other greats from the past. They had there greatness but time passes on. As Paul Simon wrote "every generation puts an idol on the pop charts". As for the old people they have this lp & will also not buy it.
Steve V wrote on September 05, 2008
The oldscudder is right. Very few young people today would buy this on vinyl. They want their artists on LP, not Elvis or even later artists from the 60's, 70's, & 80's. This may come as a shock to many on this site, but most teens (if they know who Elvis even is) dont know much about him and view him as a relic of the past. So despite all the attempts made to make him contemporary he is not relevant to today's youth. It just a fact of life. Remember in the 1977 TV Sepcial when they were interviewing the Mom who was taking her 13 yr old daughter to see Elvis and she said 'she has no idea who the man is'. Well that was a teenager 31 years ago!
Mike.S. wrote on September 05, 2008
Correct Steve, but this release isn’t supposed to be for the teenies. A couple of years ago, a German vinyl label called „Speakers Corner“ started to release Elvis LPs on 180gr vinyl in outstanding quality. After some fabulous high-end releases, that can compare to the MFSL-label, they announced the release of Golden Records Vol.1. At this time BMG had noticed the big success of „Speakers Corner“and blocked this release. They released Golden Records Vol.1 by themselves, hoping for the same success. But they couldn‘t live up to the high mastering level, although the BMG release was cheaper and still solid quality. It looks, as if they try to catch the high-fidelity fans with their expensive record-players for the second time, now. But I still think, some other company, that focuses on sound-improved vinyl releases, could do a much better job.
busboy wrote on September 06, 2008
Have to agree with Michael, i don't think this is aimed at the record buying public at large or teenagers. It's aimed purely at the Elvis fan as a collectable. My only chance of owning this album on vinyl is to buy the original but the price is out of my reach. I think it would be great to release certain albums on vinyl. I'll def buy this.