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Cover Art Christmas Album

September 04, 2008 | Music
This is the cover art for the upcoming Hamark "Christmas Album" CD which is due September 15, 2008.
Source:DG Literatur
commoneverybody wrote on September 05, 2008
Nice one!!! Call me a fool but i´m a sucker for christmas compilations, and i love the front covers they design! This ones a nice add to my collection.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 05, 2008
Fool. (Well, you did invite comment.)
commoneverybody wrote on September 06, 2008
that hurts ;-) still like the cover.....
Steve V wrote on September 06, 2008
There is no need for one person on this site to buy this comp. Im sure we have all these songs a thousand times. If you buy a CD for its cover, then yes you are a fool and the critics who heep scorn on Elvis fans are correct. The cover doesnt even make sense. A shot from Viva Las vegas photo-shopped before a Christmas tree. Cheap & unimaginative.
Jerome returns wrote on September 06, 2008
I'm glad the cover says Orginal Recording, now I can buy it..