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The 1972 NY Experience

August 28, 2008 | Video
Due for release as a real DVD on the Phoenix XP Productions import label is the DVD "The 1972 NY Experience" containing remastered footage of all four shows Elvis gave at the Madison Square Garden in 1972 including the complete Afternoon Show. Also added is the complete press-conference, interviews, reports and more according to the information. The set has a running time of 180 minutes and the DVD is region free.

Raleighroadace wrote on August 28, 2008
Wow.Looks amazing.He looked incredible for these shows,he sounded incredible for these shows and boy could he move.I wish it had been professionally filmed.
My boy, my boy wrote on August 29, 2008
The presentation is very good. I shall get my hands on that one !
genedin wrote on August 29, 2008
what dp they mean when they say the complete press conferance? all 20 odd mins of it ?
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 29, 2008
How are they going to be able to use the RCA recordings on this set? If it's a bootleg then they won't care. But doing high profile trailers such as this makes you think it's a legit release. (Mind you, somebody should have done some proof-reading for them.)
Steve V wrote on August 30, 2008
Seeing that last clip brings back the excitement of attending those shows that glorious June. It also bring me back to what I was thinking then and still feel now. I wish he would have ditched Guercio's blaring horns and just performed with a rythymn section. Listen to those embarassing horns blowing - they dont even sound in tune. I had 10 people attend with me and we all agreed on this point. They King didnt need all that backup. Maybe in Vegas it was accepted more, I dont know.
Alant15 wrote on September 02, 2008
Just ordered it from Germany at a very reasonable 15 euro (about $20usd). The website is worth a look too. They've gone to a lot of trouble with this. DVDs will be sent out on 18th September.