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DVD Charts Down Under

August 29, 2008 | Video

On this week's ARIA Music DVD Chart in Australia, the Comeback Special DVD drops 7 places to #34 while Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii re-enters the Top 40 at #36. The fact both DVDs continue to be certified only 2xP after nearly 50 weeks each on the chart and many weeks at 2xP, is indicative of the relatively low sales of music DVDs in Australia for titles outside of the weekly Top 20.

Source:Elvis Information Network
MJ27 wrote on August 30, 2008
It's great to see Elvis regularly on the Aussie music DVD charts. Sometimes he has 2 titles floating around the top 40. Not bad I say! Over the last 12 months the bulk of the Aussie music DVD charts have been dominated by the Dutch violinist and orchestra leader Andre Rieu. His concert DVD releases have achieved around 60X platinum over the last year.At one point he had 16 DVD's in the top 40 with around 8 in the top 10. Absolutely unheard of in Australian charts before. As far as Elvis goes ...he is doing very well considering he left us 31 years ago. I never see the Beatles appearing in the charts with such regularity. Maybe a "Special Edition" of "On Tour" would place Elvis back up to the top.....!!! Anyone at Turner reading this!!!
Ken in Tasmania wrote on August 30, 2008
I agree with MJ27, with possibly Neil Diamonds 1976 final Australian concert tour DVD coming out later in the year. '' Elvis On Tour'' would put the icing on the cake. All we get is repeats of previous box sets of movies we have all seen hundreds of times .