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Wedding Dolls Debut With Auction

August 13, 2008 | Other
Just in time for Elvis week in Memphis, Tenn., Mattel has come out with the first-ever Elvis and Priscilla Presley Barbie dolls. The dolls are wearing replica outfits of what Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu wore on their wedding day in Las Vegas on May 1, 1967. The King's doll is dressed in a black paisley print tuxedo with boutonniere and black boots. Pricilla's doll is wearing a gown of white chiffon and satin, with tiara and veil. The doll set retails at $65.

A set autographed by the former bride fetched US$ 6800 after the unveiling at Graceland in Memphis.
dressingroomrehearsa wrote on August 14, 2008
this is just kinda sick
EspenK wrote on August 14, 2008
Sick? Have you seen the other Elvis themed souvernirs out there? This is one of the better ones, in my opinion. I'm not a collector of dolls myself, but those who are have no reason to feel ashamed to add these to their collection.
Jerry 79 wrote on August 14, 2008
give me more dolls, talking heads and other plastic crap... I don't care for music...
Brian Quinn wrote on August 14, 2008
Amazing. So far this story has created more publicity this week than any other on the Web. How people can buy such things is beyond me.
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 14, 2008
Yeah, it's almost as bad as buying Mickey Mouse remix and 'Ghost Of Elvis with Guests Nobody Outside of Nashville Has Heard Of' Christmas 'duet' CDs, ain't it Brian? Oh, and sunglasses, too. And jumpsuits.
Viva wrote on August 14, 2008
Some people will buy any old sh.. won't they. The toy bride contains less plastic than the real thing. The usual garbage. At least mattel have found a use for all those unsold Barbie and Captain Scarlet doll sets clogging up the warehouse.
Steve V wrote on August 15, 2008
This will probably sell more than the last 3 CD releases combined. Amazing.