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Sam Philips Interview

August 12, 2008 | Other
Primo, a Flemish TV-guide, publishes an Elvis special in this week’s issue. Reporter Vic Dennis was able to interview Sam Phillips in his home in Memphis, not long before he passed away. This could possibly be the last interview that Sam Phillips gave. Some quotes about Elvis’ life and career are confirmed or denied with the help of Sam Phillips answers. As an extra – and very unique – the complete tape with the interview can be heard on the TV-guides site. Click on the link below to hear the interview.

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circleG wrote on August 13, 2008
In my opinion Sam is THE man. People like simon cowell can only dream of being in his class. Sam's desire to find unique quality and the encouragement he gave to bring it out is just amazing. A big major infuence on Elvis and his recording style he made sure Sam was sitting in the audience on opening night in vegas 1969 and even sought the mans advice after the show! I'm looking for books on this man, there aren't many around.
Greg Nolan wrote on August 14, 2008
CircleG, you're right: too many fans overlook Sam Phillips -he was quite the character ---and visionary. It might have to do with needing a taste for a lot of the music Elvis sprang from as well as similar colleagues at Sun.. It's an interesting interview -unfortunately marred by the young upstart interviewer's constant cutting off of Mr. Phillips. As someone with some experience in media myself, I can tell you that you should sit back (especially with a legend) and be sure not to over-assert yourself. The times when you are both talking at the same time are totally bad form. For starters, Phillips was quite a talker (hardly a stereotypical southern slow drawler) but he was also getting on in years. Anyway, thanks for doing the interview. It's quite moving to hear in spots, I have to say.