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Elvis Gave Me His Truck

August 13, 2008 | Other
Warren Horton says he remembers the day Elvis Presley gave him a truck. It was back in 1976, said Horton, who was a deputy with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

Horton says he was at the shooting range, when Elvis' crew drove up in the pickup truck. It was a 1976 Chevy Silverado. According to Horton, someone in Elvis’ crew suggested he take the truck for a ride. Horton says he wasn’t the only one admiring the truck; other people were eyeing it as well.

The next day, Horton says, one of Elvis' buddies came back to the gun range with the truck and said, “It’s yours. Elvis just called. He went out to Vegas the night before and said you like that truck and he wants you to have it.”

Horton says he couldn't believe it and neither could his wife. “The whole time I’m saying ‘where did that truck come from’,” said Judy Horton.

But when Warren Horton told her, he says she responded sarcastically, “Oh, Elvis gave you a truck.”

But the proof was in the paperwork. Horton says he reached into the glove box and pulled out the title. He says Elvis’ name was right there at the top.

Judy Horton says her husband gave her that information as they were pulling into their church parking lot. She says when she went inside, “everybody was beginning to have their Wednesday night meal and I’m screaming ‘Elvis gave us a truck!’”

Warren and Judy Horton kept the truck for a few years, but say they had to trade it in. Warren Horton says he wonders what the truck would be worth today, if he could have afforded to put the pickup in storage to preserve it.

dannyboy1 wrote on August 14, 2008
Elvis' impulsive generosity was as amazing as his complete inability to comprehend his own spiralling financial crisis.