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Desert Storm / College Park Book Released

August 14, 2008 | Book
The 220 pages soft-cover book “Elvis Presley - Desert Storm: The Shattering Of A Myth! College Park: The Revelation Of A Hoax!” by Darrin Lee has been released.

The book has been written in honor of The OEPFC of Great Britain’s Anne E. Nixon and is dedicated to Lisa Marie Presley. Keith Alverson, whose images grace the front cover, will have a limited number of signed copies at Elvis Expo 2008 along with a wide array of his photos. For more details on the book visit the author's Concert Myths website (see source).
Source:Elvis Concert Myths
Viva wrote on August 15, 2008
A nice thought, and a gallant effort, but from what I can gather (And I should point out I haven't read the book, only it's publicity and certain quotes) this book appears to ignore every eye witness account, and every bit of evidence about Elvis' state of mind at this point in his life. This will appeal to the ostriches amongst us, but overall I do not believe it will be taken seriously due to the fact that it is as just as inaccurate as the "tell all", nasty hatchet jobs out there. Sorry mate, sometimes you have to accept the plain truth, however unpleasant.
Lex wrote on August 15, 2008
If it's as well researched and as believable as his first book, we can expect something hilarious. I love reading about Elvis, but also fantasy. The combination Darrin did in his first book was marvelous! (although I think he didn't meant it that way :-)). Probably Mr Lee thinks Elvis didn't suck at this show, it was all a set up... just like he didn't slurr in 1977 ;-).
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 15, 2008
This guy lives in a dream world. He can't accept that Elvis made mistakes - and lots of 'em - and everything bad that happened to him was down to outside sources. Dream on, fella.
Mielvis wrote on August 15, 2008
I was at the 9/29/74 matinee show in Detroit and I'm qouted in this book about it. This show was not as bad as many who READ about it think. I was an objective eyewitness. I have also seen Elvis five other times in concert. It wasn't his best but it certainly wasn't terrible.
RJ wrote on August 15, 2008
Mielvis, thanks for your statement. It's more valuable to me than quotes from pc knights acting if they were there. I'll judge this book after I personally read it. Audio evidence of the 2nd College park show indicates serious trouble however. Nice to hear a different perspective from the Detroit show!
circleG wrote on August 16, 2008
Yes Mielvis, very important that fans like you speak up and set the record straight.