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My Way To Memphis - Wie Ein Lebenstraum Wahr Wurde

August 05, 2008 | Book
The German book "My Way To Memphis - Wie Ein Lebenstraum Wahr Wurde" ("How A Dream Came True") is a 108 pages book written by Maik Roß is which he shares his feelings visiting Memphis for the first time.

Synopsis (in German):

"Elvis Presley. Der Mythos um den Menschen, um den Künstler und um seinen tragischen Tod 1977, lebt bis heute. Wer war dieser Mensch? Wo hat er gelebt? Wie war die Luft, die er atmete? Wie sahen die Plätze aus, die ihm so wichtig in seinem Leben waren?

Fragen, mit denen sich der Autor dieses Buches sein halbes Leben lang beschäftigte und nie den Traum aufgab, selbst einmal am Grab von Elvis Presley zu stehen. Aus einem Traum wurde eine Vision; aus dieser Vision ein Ziel. Im Sommer 2007, pünktlich zum 30. Todestag vom King of Rock and Roll, erfüllte sich Maik Roß seinen Lebenstraum und reiste nach Memphis/Tennessee..."
Source:Elvis Club Berlin
sitdown68 wrote on August 05, 2008
is this the fastbuck section revisited?
elvis4life wrote on August 06, 2008
For those wondering as to what the translation of the German synopsis is, I went onto a language translation site & here was the results [in broken English of sorts]: "Elvis Presley. The myth around the person, around the artist and around its tragic deaths 1977, lives until today. Who was this person? Where did it live? How did the air that it breathe was? How did the places look, that were so important in its life to it? Ask, be abandoned himself with which the author of this beech half life long busied and never the dream to stand even once at the grave of Elvis Presley. Out of a dream, a vision became; out of this vision a goal. In the summer 2007, punctually to the 30th death day of the King of skirt and roll, Maik horse fulfilled itself its life dream and traveled after Memphis/Tennessee.."
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on August 07, 2008
Does it come with a Bratwurst and a beer?