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Elvis Peacock Jumpsuit Sells For A Record Amount

August 07, 2008 | Other
Elvis Presley's performance costume, the peacock jumpsuit featured on the cover of his 1975 album 'Promised Land', sold for a record $300,000 today at auction today. The white, high-collared outfit with a plunging V-neck now stands as the most expensive piece of Elvis memorabilia sold at auction to date.

Auctioneers's GottaHaveIt! had a pre-sale estimate that ranged from $275,000 to $325,000 but the online sale ended at 7am GMT with a sum that fell neatly between the two.

The flamboyant outfit features a dazzling blue-and-gold peacock design hand-embroidered on the front and back while feathers adorn the trouser legs. The jumpsuit is also cinched at the waist by a wide belt decorated in gold medallions in a design resembling the eye of a peacock feather, reflecting the rock 'n' roll legend's fascination with peacocks as a good luck symbol.

Elvis paid Los Angeles designer Bill Belew $10,000 to create the outfit, who also designed all of The King's stage wardrobe between 1968 and 1977. The auction house said the jumpsuit was among Elvis's favourite Belew designs.

The seller was described simply as 'a Big Elvis collector' and the auctioneer declined to identify the buyer.

Elvis first wore the costume at the Forum in Los Angeles on May 11, 1974, and later for the cover of his album "Promised Land."

The previous record for an Elvis collectible is $295,000 for his 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II. The most ever paid previously for one of his stage costumes, the so-called aloha cape, which was worn during one of his last television shows, was $105,250. Both were sold at a 1999 auction at Graceland run by Guernsey's.
NONE000000 wrote on August 07, 2008
I was going to bid $300,000.01 on this, but the auction ended! Darn! (Actually that's one of my favs of Elvis' later jumpsuits. Really pretty and still a little more understated than some of them)
Jerome returns wrote on August 07, 2008
Great price, however I never understood this unflattering coverpicture of Promised Land, bad choice back then..
BuzzingBee wrote on August 07, 2008
Very strange.. For the older fans, remember Paul Lichter owned the jumpsuit as a 2 others which he NEVER gotten from Elvis and later on had to admitt ordered himself to be made. Same with the Guitar Gretsch few months ago. no evidence of Elvis having 2 and also why did he need two. for those few songs. Come on think ladies and gentlemen. Otehr fact is, Guess who did putt it up for auction: Mr P.Lichter. I'm just a bee buzzing some forgotten facts.