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Elvis – Blue Rhythms

August 06, 2008 | Music
Soon to be released on the new Hot Dog import label is the CD “Elvis – Blue Rhythms“.
From the press-release: The Essential Rhythm And Blues Collection This classic 1980´s double vinyl album finally will finally be released on one silver pressed CD. It contains the original tracklisting, plus 5 great bonus tracks; a total of 29 tracks with a running time of 79.50 minutes. The CD comes with a booklet with additional info on all tracks, plus great live shots from 1975-1976 with Elvis in his Black Aztec jumpsuit. Tracklisting: Trouble Reconsider Baby A Mess Of Blues Give Me The Right Such A Night When It Rains It Really Pours Trying To Get To You Like A Baby I Want To Be Free Mean Woman Blues Ain´T That Loving You Baby One Night Little Sister So Glad You´Re Mine Big Boss Man I Want You With Me Baby What You Want Me To Do Stuck On You I Feel So Bad What´D I Say Tomorrow Night It Feels So Right Merry Christmas Baby (Short Version Without Overdubbs) Santa Claus Is Back In Town Bonus Tracks: Down In The Alley (Take 6) Hi- Heel Sneakers (Take 5) Stranger In My Own Home Town (Alternate Mix) Power Of My Love (Take 3) Tiger Man (1975 Jam)
elvistruth wrote on August 06, 2008
horrendous to an unknown level!!!
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 06, 2008
Why do we need this on CD?
adiels wrote on August 06, 2008
There are hundreds of budget CDs with these songs out there. But this CD really brings back memories for me. Blue Rhythms was one of the first Elvis tapes I bought back in the 80's, and is one of the reasons I still love his music. I will buy this CD, not because I don't have all these songs before, but simply for the memories of it. Could do without the bonus songs though...
Jerome returns wrote on August 06, 2008
commoneverybody wrote on August 07, 2008
There are not many good Elvis Rythym and Blues compilations available on CD, so this one is very welcome. Good tracklist, and the back cover pic is awesome!
BuzzingBee wrote on August 07, 2008
Putt this on the pile of , useless releases. you can really do yourself a favour by making your own cdr , with just collecting the songs from your regular BMG/FTD cds, really useless and very easy money. Guess all the greatest hits releases from various countries are next ? This is cover collecting only, how sad any unknown AR release is better and thats's a sad thing.
BigVern wrote on August 08, 2008